Calendar syncing with Android devices has untold benefits for business owners. Before going into the advantages, why don’t we talk about what syncing shared calendars means?

Syncing a shared calendar is when a standard calendar, for instance, your company’s calendar with all notifications, is made available to the company staff or staff of a particular department.

Easy to understand? Great! Since that is out of the way, it’s time to get back to why it is a great idea to sync your calendar to other staff members’ Android devices.

Everyone Uses a Calendar

One of the benefits of syncing calendars is that all staff working in the same business get to use the same calendar. Syncing a calendar on Android means that you get an alert on your Android device when a notification pops up on the calendar. Whether or not you are at your workstation, the schedule gets to you.

It also ensures seamless updates are available to all staff no matter where they are because the calendar syncs to all their Android devices. Another way to look at this is all staff can access last-minute updates in real-time.

Makes Gradual Updates Possible

Imagine a project with timelines set for achievements. A synced calendar makes it possible to know if the personnel achieved those targets. Everyone gets carried along without having to meet physically. All it needs is for the calendar administrator to input the set dates and you see if those targets were met or not.

When timelines or factors that affect assignments change, synced calendars make it easy to carry everyone along.

A Large Size of Employees Have Access to The Same Calendar

There is no limit to the number of people that can sync their Android devices to one calendar. Do you think your company with 1,500 staff strength is too much for calendar syncing? Think again. It is possible to sync shared calendars to an even more significant amount of Android devices.

Simply put, the possibilities are endless. Thinking of the scale of reach of the synced calendars brings one word to mind, endless.

Automated Updates and Notifications

Having shared calendars automatically put-up updates and notifications is another benefit. Human frailty means errors will happen at different times. To reduce or eliminate these human errors, you can have your shared calendars make these updates automatically.

All you need to do is input these updates and inform the calendar to upload them at a given time and date.

Ends Redundancy

Information overload is something that tires everyone. When everyone sees notifications meant just for a specific few, it leads to information overload. The solution to that is sending detailed messages to only the intended target.

Too much information can tempt users to mute or freeze the calendar. So, sending specific notifications solves the problem. The staff knows that anytime a message pops up on the calendar, it needs their attention.

Improves Productivity and Communication

Sharing calendars increase office productivity, efficiency, and person-to-person communication. All scheduled meetings within teams are uploaded way ahead of time. All changes are also uploaded the staff knows ahead of time.

This ability to plan ahead of time, no matter where staff is, gives them the edge to be efficient. If your company’s staff has a meeting scheduled with a client or a supplier, regular notifications from the shared calendar to ensure no one forgets the meeting. The reminders save the team and, in turn, the company from embarrassment.

Updating the staff’s synced calendars with individual staff meetings and functions helps them prepare better and enhance productivity.

It is Best for Start-Ups

Business start-ups have a lot happening at the same time, and all these things happening need attention. To help business owners and staff cope with the huge workload, syncing a shared calendar can help start-ups cope with little details that need attention.

That is why many start-ups have embraced the beauty of shared calendars. It can help start-ups handle meetings scheduled with suppliers or intending clients. It also helps schedule bill payments and anything that needs attention for a fledgling company.

It Helps with Balancing Out Assignments

Whether you are the team leader or member, using the shared calendar helps balance out assignments in your team. The team can easily view the calendar to check or confirm the duties of members.

As a team leader, a shared calendar helps you plan before giving out assignments to check members’ availability and current obligations. This planning ensures no team member is overburdened.


For established companies, business start-ups, and other organizations, sharing a synced calendar to all staff’s Android devices is worth any administrative and data costs that it might incur. Some companies help with shared calendars Android.

If your company has not synced its calendars, you are missing out on a lot of wonderful features.