Never before have we been able to reach more people in one go, and all of this by leveraging the power of the Internet and e-mail marketing software.

E-mail marketing software is very flexible. It can be used in almost every industry you can think of, from the travel industry to nonprofit organizations. Email marketing is evolving as one of the main marketing mediums in the world today. This is really not surprising, is it? After all, industry analysts estimate that people in more and more countries in the world have internet access. However, a bulk e-mail program needs to be used with a permission-based e-mail marketing work. This means using a bulk e-mailing software which will contact only people in your database who have agreed to receive such emails from you. Some e-mail marketing software’s come bundled up with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature. A very neat feature to have indeed, as this will save you from plashing out money on a standalone CRM software.

So what are the benefits of using an e-mail marketing software for your business?

Save time and overhead costs; it does not matter if you need to send 10 or 1 million email messages. It only takes one mass email marketing campaign to reach all of them. As such, great email marketing software is one that has good email blast rates. You don’t want those emails taking a week to be sent right?

Get in touch; Research reveals that you are more likely to retain your clients by simply keeping in touch. Send mass e-mails about upcoming discounts and promotions and you will see your clients knocking at your door in no time!

Inquiries; E-mail marketing software can also serve as a survey software. When you send out bulk e-mails, ask your customers or subscribers questions. E-mail marketing software can help you come up with these questionnaires. Also, because everything is done online, your customers are more likely to respond because it only takes a few minutes of their time.

Templates; Bless the guy who thought of templates. Nowadays, you do not need to think of mind-boggling color themes, designs and graphics to carry your email message. Any decent email marketing software should have a wide selection of templates you can choose from. However, do not stop here. E-mail marketing software should also provide flexibility for you to come up with your own designs or stationery. Don’t like the templates yet you are not good with designs either? Fret not; some providers have an in-house design team that will create specific e-mail templates just for you for a small price.

No guesswork; you need to know. A marketing campaign is really nothing if you do not even know if you are reaching your target audience. This is one of the great benefits of email marketing software, knowing that email is tracked. Know if your customer received the email, check if he or she opened it, track if they subscribed or un-subscribed to your newsletter. Knowing how your clients are reacting to your marketing effort is key to being able to project sales or planning where your business is headed.

That said millions of people are already reaping the benefits of their email marketing campaigns. So why shouldn’t you be too?