Sometimes every one of us finds it difficult to understand the teacher and has to do it themselves at home. Don’t we?

That is not the case anymore. Back in times, if you needed to gain some new useful knowledge, you’d go to class for it. If anyone wanted to learn a new language they had to find a coaching center and spend hours there just to learn basics. But today, many best apps to learn languages are helping people sitting on their couches at home. Specialists in pretty much every field are making their own projects and courses online to grow their knowledge empire and gain popularity among worldwide audience. Some of these websites developed the interface of android apps to be accessible in smart mobile phones anywhere, anytime. Android has now been involved everywhere when it comes to human needs or usages like technology, data and information, business, and others. There exist infinite many educational apps for Android devices available in Play Store but not all of them are trustworthy.

Here is a list of the best Educational Apps that are reliable.

This encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is currently accessible as its official application is propelled for Android on Play Store. More often than not, it shows the sources of the data, and we as a whole realize that it is protected to depend on it. For understudies, it is especially well known as they discover subtleties of each issue of history, writing, science, and others. this ap. According to this Mobile App Development Company, more than 40 million articles of various issues are available. Also the fact that you can discover articles on more than 300 distinct bidirectional. It is the biggest sources of data on the web.

Google arts and culture

Its unique as large number of video files available in a single spot as well as its extremely active and easy to use search engine like YouTube. You can subscribe and also give remarks to provide feedback. It can even help you make your own educational videos to share with the world.

Khan Academy Kids

This app covers all areas of education. It has extensive knowledge of English; can help you boost your statistics or geometry. Not only that it can help you prepare for specific exams like SATs, GMAT, amd MCAT etc. Unlike many other apps all its’s content is available to download and study when you are offline. With 10M+ downloads it is one of the top apps n Play Store.


It is an app specific to one subjects but covers every corner of the subject that we all feel so difficult to handle. You have to write the solved question on a paper and scan that with your phone’s camera and the app will break it down in small easy step so that you can understand it more easily. It is an Editors’ Choice on Play Store which means it is not only easy enough to understand but helps you do your homework and prepare for the upcoming tests as well.

Alongside other fields, Education is another area that is now dealt by Android through its apps. All the areas of this sector are pretty much accessible on any Android device. App developers are providing marketing services to educational institutions to help them grow their business through apps. Books, Audiobooks, PowerPoint Lectures and numerous other educational features are available in these apps.