The importance of financial planning cannot be under-stressed. Every area of our lives requires an appropriate financial plan for us to keep a roof over our heads and eat three square meals a day. Apart from ensuring we have our essentials, it’s vital to keep our businesses afloat. Thankfully, technology helps us in many significant areas of our lives, including health, leisure, and of course, finance. So in a world that gives so much, where information continuously bombards our senses. Where we are forced day in and day out to choose what’s right. What’s the best strategy to reach our target audience? What promotions should we use to engage them, and what software and which software development company can we use to make it all easier?

A couple of planning software that can help with the financial aspect of your business includes:

  • eMoney Advisor
  • Finance Logix
  • Money Tree
  • MoneyGuidePro
  • Naviplan
  • RightCaptial
  • Adaptive Insights


eMoney Advisor

Created in the year 2000 by a financial advisor, eMoney Advisor is one of the best planning software in the finance world. It is one of the best tools that offer the services of a digital financial advisor and also incorporates a comprehensive analytic and metric system that helps with goal-based planning and management of your cash flow.

Finance Logix

Finance Logix is a client-based software. Its primary advantage is the fact it is user friendly and allows its clients to participate in all aspects of the planning. Some of their most prominent users include leading banks and investment firms. So if it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for your business too.

Money Tree

If you’re searching for something that covers a bit more ground than the usual software. It would be best if you considered Money Tree. Its design is divided into two primary software: a Silver Financial Planner and a Total Planning Suite. They each tackle a unique part of the financial process and can be used to cater to several different financial needs. Apart from being used in your business, you can also implement it in planning for your retirement, education, and other goals.


Financial planning is not a new concept, but very few software created in the ’50s can boast of still being used and not utterly obsolete today. MoneyGuidePro falls into that rare category. A highly efficient planner with decades of experience in planning for different people with different problems, and offering solutions to all, MoneyGuidePro is as good as they come. An added perk is the fact the software is web-based, and so enhances the ease of sharing.


In a study, this software was cited as the preferred financial planning product amongst all Advicent’s software. It is one of the multiple financial advisor products offered by Advicent and also considered the most comprehensive. It can manage a varying number of clients with different net worth effectively. Naviplan pays attention to detail in its cash management, analysis, and investment comparison. This is no surprise, as it is a cash flow based program.


Although relatively new to the financial planning scene, RightCapital is easily in the class amongst the best software. It is accommodating of smaller-scale businesses, but can still hold its own when used for larger organizations. Its design is just right, as the name implies, employing only enough tools, so it’s not limited in its capacity. But at the same time, not so many, so the user isn’t overwhelmed.   Also, RightCapital allows for added customizations that appeal to the user and helps increase customer satisfaction.

Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is another excellent option for a web-based financial planner. This software covers a lot of areas that enable sharing information with ease, and this is primarily due to its web-based function. It’s excellent for team synergy, especially when working from different locations. It provides solutions to basic and simplistic problems in the area of budgeting. So it may not be able to meet all the needs of a larger organization with more complex budgeting needs. It’s perfect, however, for small-scaled businesses with simple problems and value transparency

When it comes to finding the right financial planning software for you, always remember to keep in mind, whether the software makes provisions such as detailed reports and ease of tracking that could help with your business. Who you plan on sharing the information with, would also determine if you get a web-based or desktop based software. Finance is an integral part of any business, so ensure you take your time in weighing your options and deciding what software works best for you and your business.