In this day and age, everything has become automated. Whether it is data collection or data reading or storing of information, now, there is no need to hire different persons and employees to handle those parts of the business. Same is the case with pharma companies now. Ever since hub services softwares have been introduced, keeping in touch directly with the patient has become as easy and convenient as ever.


What Are Hub Software Services?

Hub services software is basically a growing market whereby the manufacturers of medicines maintain a constant connection with their patients. It helps ease the prescription delivery process as well as contact with the patient. These hub services software tend to create a single point of contact for the manufacturers with their patients. If a patient is one which has to use specialty drugs, the hub services software helps to ensure efficient distribution of these medications to the right person. The medication prescription is not mixed or messed up with another patient’s prescription and this ensures security and confidentiality of the patient. Hub services software vendors offer a number of options and features to the patient. For example, drug delivery, drug administration , patient education, financial assistance, sharing patient information to the drug manufacturer only, copay support, benefits investigations, prior authorizations, etc. All in all, it not only makes it easier for the manufacturer of drugs to get patient information and get in touch with them. It also is of great use to the patient as the patient can easily order a new prescription or the drugs from the manufacturer.


The History of Hub Services Software and its Growth

Hub services software first came into this world with an approach which resembled call centers. The basic aim was to assist and help manufacturers in increasing financial provisions so that they could provide more therapies and drugs. Those hub services software could obtain the information on prescriptions and their delivery routes. This ensured appropriate delivery of the appropriate drugs to the appropriate patient. Of course, many industries started mimicking this procedure. However, the main patient centric focus was seen in the pharmaceutical side. There has been a growth of specialty pharmacies, follow up services, patient assistance programs, product support programs and patient retention in therapy as well. The hub services software keep on expanding their services.

The hub vendors usually operate easily as they have a partnership of a kind or an understanding with specialty pharmacies, manufacturers, pharmacy managers, etc. This partnership or understanding is what makes the delivery and patient assistance via hubs very easy. Hub services software provide improved prescription access. Patient does not have to go through a lengthy provess of getting their medication. Basically these softwares help remove the barriers between a patient and the manufacturer.

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