With the world up in turmoil, what better way to spend your days indoors than to play some mobile games to pass the days of quarantine. The trick is, find a game that immerses you deep into its lore that forgetting the world outside won’t feel like such a heavy burden on your soul.


Nothing passes the time quicker than obsessing over a rhythm game that will grasp your attention until your days blend into each other without you even knowing. Deemo is an excellent example of mobile games. Leaning more on the piano as the thematic instrument of its tunes, Deemo blends an immersive story, captivating gameplay, and a variety of music.

Deemo is the enigmatic titular character that saves a young girl named Alice, who falls through a trapdoor in the sky, as weird a concept as that may seem. The story goes as Deemo plays the piano to grow a tree to save Alice and return her home.

Deemo delivers both in gameplay and story, with progressing difficulty that will frustrate and satisfy the average player to no end. So if the short description wouldn’t be enough to intrigue you enough, just play the game and experience it for yourself.

Boris And The Daarl Survival

This game delivers on the chills and goosebumps. The gameplay and the story will unsettle even the most avid horror fan, delivering on the scares, and the suspense, Boris, and the Dark Survival will give in horror junkie their dark fix.

This is a survival game where the titular character, Boris, is trying to outrun an ink demon in the studio that has been abandoned. Lasting long enough until the game’s end seems like an entirely easy concept to pull off, but you will be challenged to your bone in doing so here.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

The fans of First Person Shooting games would be delighted to have this game on their slew of games. Sporting the multiplayer modes, including Battle Royale, would be hard-pressed to keep this game down. And the icing on the cake is: it’s free to play. What more can you ask for?

With the fan base’s current level and following the acclaimed Call of Duty game franchise, you can be sure it will deliver on the quality of gaming, with fast-paced and HD graphics that will thrill anyone to no end. With ranking, customizable load-outs, and a multitude of prizes, this would prove to be a very fulfilling experience that you won’t be able to put down easily.

Shadowgun Legends

What’s better than a shooting game mixed with a role-playing game? It’s shooting aliens sky high. Welcome to the frenetic world of Shadowgun Legends. With a backdrop of a central hub scattered by strobing lights of neon where all manner of nasties and ghoulish bounty of criminal aliens lurk, you are sure to find satisfying action and flare in this unique game.

You can build your name as a mercenary by taking out or surrendering your catch and finishing missions. You can loot gear and trade or sell those loot and change them for other more robust and better equipment for more firepower and brute force and build your abilities depending on your preferences.


The year started with an air of menace from the ravaging disease that has caused a pandemic. The best place for everyone, for now, is the safety and solace of our home, where we can find peace and security from the spread of disease. But we are social beings, and as humans, the eventuality of boredom is ever looming on the horizon.

Thankfully, the presence of a multitude of games at our fingertips gives us the ability to wield powers we can only wish to gain. Our games let us visit vistas and scenes we could only ever see in our dreams. And lastly, we could finally see an end to boredom that would have quite easily killed us just as much as the spreading disease.

So with that, these are the games that you should check out to entertain you in the following days, weeks, even months until we are free from quarantining. You never know you might enjoy one of them, or heck all of them since we’re all under lockdown anyway.