There is no denying to the fact that bitcoins have taken over the world from last couple of years and now the trend says that if you don’t deal bitcoins, you don’t deal at all. Before we go into any further details here is a basic idea of bitcoins for those who know nothing about this online currency. Bitcoin is basically crytpocurrency or digital currency or a form of electronic cash. The price of bitcoins can go up and down just like the regular currency with the same dynamics. Now you can sell and buy bitcoins in Nigeria without having any difficulties. If you have questions which go like this “where can I sell my bitcoin? How do I buy bitcoin? Or what is the best way to buy bitcoin?” then worry no more because this article will help you to get all of your answers.


How to buy Bitcoins?

There are many methods through which you can buy bitcoins but no matter which method you are using, you need to keep one thing in mind that you should chose a trusted site. The site you are chosing should have amazing services to offer. You can go to the sight. Create an account and type the amount of money you want to spend in order to buy bitcoins and the amount will be converted to bitcoins and will be transferred to your digital wallet. If you are in Nigeria and wondering about the question “where can I buy bitcoins” then you have our help to find you the amazing and trust worthy sites from where you can easily find bitcoin in Nigeria.


How to sell bitcoins?

If you have any question of this sort in your head “where can I sell my bitcoins” the you should read this. The best way to sell your bitcoins is that you should set up an exchange account and now you have to transfer your bitcoins to the kind of digital wallet you are using. After doing this you have to place a sell order which shoul contains all the information about your bitcoins and the you have to wait for a buyer. After dealing with a buyer you can transfer your money to your bank account which the buyer will transfer to your digital wallet and its easily transferable to you bank accounts as well.

Another method, to buy and cell your bitcoin is Nigeria is that you choose a site and then you deal with your buyer through that site. Now that particular site is responsible for selling your bitcoins. This method is easy as it is less hectic if you are buying or selling your bitcoin in Nigeria or anywhere around the world. There are many sites which are serving the purpose.

If you are having thoughts or questions like this “what is the easiest way to buy bitcoins? How to buy nitcoins with different sites? What is the best way to buy bitcoin? Or any other question of the same sort then following points will definitely help you to find the best website for buying and selling bitcoins. All you need to remember is that best way to buy and sell bitcoins is that you should buy it through different sites. Here are the features or services which you should be looking before choosing a wecsite for you to buy or sell bitcoins.

It should offer funds security and safety

This is your very hard earned money which you are going to spend if you have finally got the answer of the question “where can I sell my bitcoin? Or where do I buy bitcoins?” then the next step is that you should choose a website which offers the complete funds safety and security so that you don’t losse any of your money during the process and if a website in Nigeria is providing you with this kind of services then it is the best site to buy and Sell Bitcoins in Nigeria.


Tutuexchange, the platform that combines all these aspects and advantages is a rather new platform that offers its services in the Nigerian market. Tutu Exchange is the most trusted place to buy, sell, and manage your digital currency in this company. They offer amazing rates and process funding as soon as payment is received at their end.


Discover here a great explanatory video of bitcoins and the blockchain


It should have a decent credibility in market

Do your thorough research before choosing a website or a company. You should know their pros and cons by doing a complete research and then you finalize a site or company which suits you the best. You can simply check the credibility of the site by comparing it with other companies or websites.


Customer Friendly

Their policies and services should be customer friendly. Their dealing with their customers should be satisfactory. In order to check this you can simply contact to the company and ask them about your queries and you will have an idea about their customer dealing and handling.


Speed and accuracy in transactions         

This is probably the most important thing you need to check before doing business with of the website or company because you don’t want to wait to get your hands on your money which you need urgently. Again the only way to know about the accuracy of the company is that  you should so your research.


Excellent Service Provider

The overall services the company is providing should be very satisfactory and they all should suit your interests. If their services are poor you’ll know buy checking just their customer care services.


Any Referral Program is a Yes!

A referral program means that if you will refer a certain website to someone to do their business then you’ll get some amount as your commission and who doesn’t want to earn some extra money? If the site is offering referral programs then just go for it.



The bottom line of buying or selling your bitcoins is that you should be thorough in your research and the most important thing is that you should choose a site which is offering amazing rates along with the services as well because this is something which makes a company or website site best in Nigeria or all around the world. Just keep these things in mind and your all problems of buying and selling bitcoins will be solved.