Choosing the best team names for your work event

best team names for work event

Are you a team leader?

You need to explore every available channel to ensure you build a great team spirit. Without team spirit, you and your team will find it difficult achieving your goals within the allotted time.

In order make employees efficient in a workplace, most big organizations assign their employees to various teams. Each time is assigned a particular task or objective to be achieved within a certain period of time.

Again, each team is assigned a team leader. The team leader is responsible for the rest of the team members. Each team member is expected to report to the team leader while the leader reports to the management.

If you have just been made a team leader, one of the best ways to ensure that your team is efficient and work together to achieve your objective is by choosing a great team name. Of course, there are other reasons why you need a team name. Apart from using it to identify your team, a good team name will command attention and also motivates the members in a competitive environment.

If you are a manager of a big organization or you are tasked with planning an event or accomplishing a certain objective, one of the best ways to achieve this is to divide the task into various components and create a team to take care of each component.

Each team will work together to achieve their own goal which will lead to the success of the entire organization when the larger goal is achieved.



How To Choose The Best Team Name

Don’t just choose a name for your team. If you do, that will be the first mistake you will make. Choosing a team name is the first step towards building the team and fostering team spirit.

When you want to create a team name, brainstorm different names and present them to the members of your team. Of course, don’t expect everyone to agree to all the names you have on your list. This is because most people are resistant to change.

Present at least 3 to 5 good team names to your team members and allow them to vote on which one they think will capture what your team is all about.

You can as well ask the team members to come up with a good team name during a team name brainstorming session. Once you choose a team name, you are all set for achieving your team objective.


Top 10 Team Names

To give you an idea of possible team names for your group, the following are our top ten team names:

  • Achievers
  • Dream Team
  • Top Ranked
  • Mind Benders
  • The Dynamos
  • The Blazers
  • Tech Tribe
  • Concept Creators
  • Brain Messiahs
  • The Savers
  • Tech Warriors



Benefits of Creating a Team in Work Place or Work Event Include:

According to Melbourne event planning group Polite Promotions, some of the benefits of dividing employees into teams at work events include:


  • Fosters Creativity and Learning

No one knows everything, we can all learn from one another. When a team brainstorms together, everyone can contribute and help the team achieve their goal.


  • Blends Complementary Strength

Like we mentioned above, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. By working together, we can complement each other’s strength by bringing individual talent to the table.

  • Achieves Objective Faster

Company’s objective can be achieved faster when you divide employees into various teams.


  • Promotes a Wider Sense of Ownership

When people feel like they are part of the decision-making process, they will be happy to brainstorm and contribute to achieving the company’s goals. Fortunately, team projects encourage employees to be proud of their contributions.


Team Names

One great way to make your team better is by choosing a strong and motivational name for your team. When teams are created in a workplace, they are either automatically assigned a team name or allowed to choose their own name.

Choosing a good team name is a great way to create team bonding. For a team to achieve their objective, it is very important that they bond and see themselves as a complement of one another instead of as an individual.

When you have a team name that allows your team to bond, you will get results. You need a team name that is both fun and motivational. Don’t just choose any name; choose a name that your team will be proud of. Choosing a great team name will help your team members be proud of the team.


Other Reasons Why You Need a Team Name include:

  • It brings about competition (against other teams) and bragging rights
  • It motivates team members
  • Team members can easily identify themselves
  • It leads to team bonding
  • It creates team spirit
  • It is used for networking and socializing
  • It makes your team unique




Having a great team name is very important if you want to foster team bonding and team spirit. Make sure you choose a team that properly reflects what your team stands for. Choose a team name that will motivate and inspire members of your team.


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