Internet plays a very big part in our day to day activities, we cannot imagine our lives without it . Now you can do a lot of things just by clicking some buttons on your computer screen or phone which seemed to be impossible two decades ago. Like shopping, ordering food, paying bills online etc.

Now let’s talk about the television industry, remember how we used to rely on cable networks for watching our favorite series. But those days are long gone now, online streaming channels like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu etc. are taking over our good old television. These online streaming channels give you complete control over the things you want to watch, which we cannot do on a television. But we are not saying that it is impossible to stream content on your television. There are two ways to do it, firstly if you have an ultra-modern television with smart features you can online stream your shows and second, with the help of Amazon Fire TV stick, you can online stream anything you like.


What is Amazon Firestick?


Amazon Firestick is a box which helps you to online stream channels on your television with the help of the Internet, the box connects to your television through HDMI port. Sounds awesome right but there is a major problem with these streaming services providers and that is geo-restrictions. Geo-restrictions limit the content you can watch on the basis of your location. For eg., If you are a US resident then the channels you can watch are different from the UK residents. But thankfully, you can solve this problem by installing VPN in your Firestick. Moreover, if you are using a VPN, you can jailbreak Firestick for streaming free movies and TV shows using Kodi.


How VPN helps in solving this problem:


After paying a big subscription fee to the online-streaming channels, you do not want any geo-restrictions coming in your way and denying you from getting the best experience possible of that particular channel. It is not right, you pay the full fee and then the channels put the geo-restrictions. So the VPN helps in lifting these restrictions so you can watch any show or movie you like, available the app.


The VPN also works as a protector of your information, the logs of movies or shows you watch on your Amazon Fire TV gets stored in the memory of the Firestick and this can help the hackers to use that information and scam you by showing different offers and deals according to your watch list. VPN protects you from all these scams and frauds and keeps your information safe and sound.



Connecting Firestick to the VPN


The question arises here is how you connect your firestick to the Best VPN for the Amazon Firestick.


We are giving you names of the top 5 best VPN for the Amazon Firestick



  • IPVanish
  • Express VPN
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • PrivateVPN


If you want to know more about these VPN’s then don’t forget to click on the link above for more information. Now let‘s continue to Connecting Firestick to the VPN


1.You have to go to the app section on your Firestick or you can use the search facility on the Fire Tv menu.

2. Then Enter ‘VPN’ in the search box

3. Now you will see some VPN names

4. Click on the VPN you want to choose

5. After opening the description of the app click on ‘Get’ button in order to install the app.

6. After installing, launch the VPN app.

7. Enter your login details, Select the country/server you want to enter and then click on ‘enable the VPN’ button.

8. Once all done wait for visual confirmation.

9. Go back to the main menu and open any App you want and begin the video streaming.


Now you will be able to watch all the shows and movies of the country you selected.


Note:- The VPN app you use might be designed for your mobile phone and not for your TV screen