A well-designed pool area adds vibes of real class & elegance to the curb appeal of your house. To keep your swimming pool’s surrounding area looking awe-striking and relaxing, here are top ways to embellish your pool area. So, read on to find out:-

1.   Pool Enclosure

Installing a pool enclosure provides shade while you swim for maximum enjoyment & mental soothing. They can also be tailored to your specific requirements & personal preferences.

The pool enclosure doesn’t let the harmful UV rays of the sun reach the pool water, which contributes to the breakdown of useful chlorine, promoting algae growth. It provides added protection when you and your loved ones are swimming.

Pool enclosure blocks dirt, dust & debris, thus saving time on pool cleaning and maintenance, it can also be easily fixed by the best pool cage screen repair company. Further, it makes your house appear and feel bigger, thus increasing your property value.

In a nutshell, a pool enclosure is a perfect place to relax and presents plenty of shade during those hot summer days.

For an energy-saving option, solar pool cover  is another wise decision. It prevents dust & debris from entering the pool water, reduces water evaporation, lowers the chemicals used, and above all keeps the pool water at least 10-15 degrees higher than the outside temperature, therefore your swim season extends beyond the spring.


2. Lanterns

When the sun sets, there are plenty of options to light up the pool surrounding. Lanterns could give a perfect retro touch that will make the heads turn whosoever sees them.

The mysterious and vintage vibes are perfect for hosting evening pool parties. Some of the globally renowned, high-end resorts use lanterns for poolside lighting.


3. Add a Spa

If you love your every Sunday morning pool session, then why not build one beside your pool? It is a fun & relaxing addition to your backyard oasis, and offers several benefits of hydrotherapy.

You need to hire an expert pool builder. They’ll help you out with everything, right from deciding on the design of the spa to guiding you with approval from the local municipal corporation. Adding a spa costs approx 10-15% of your swimming pool expenses.

The portable hot tubs are another option. They are manufactured in the factory and are a stand-alone structure. They are generally made out of high-quality interior shells such as thermoplastic, vinyl, or acrylic. Portable shades are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and finishes.


4. Adding A Shade


Trees and a few shrubs add a calming factor to your poolside. With plants and trees, you can transform your pool surroundings into a green haven of peace, where you can unwind from your life worries.

The branches of the trees not only shade but also privacy when you are having a great time with your loved ones. It is best suited if your pool is not too large.

Plant pool-friendly plants are highly tolerant to chlorine and other kinds of pool chemicals. Some of the best planting options include the Ajuga, peach-leaved bellflower, swamp daisy, pineapple sage, and more.

Shrubs are another great choice for poolside landscaping. Mexican Orange Blossom, Mexican Mock Orange, Siberian Iris are popular picks for shrubs.