Broken relationships are a reality, and most couples go through a phase at least once in their life when they feel that their relationship is not the same anymore. When that happens, you have a choice. You can either let it go or mend it with all your might. And fret not, there are various ways of fixing a relationship; all you need is the right intent and the right efforts. Several studies have suggested that, more often than not, couples are able to make their bond stronger after mending their way back.

So, in this article, we will tell you how to fix a broken relationship and take things forward from there on:


How to mend a broken relationship?

 No matter how far you have drifted away from your partner, there is always a scope for fixing a relationship. If you are not talking to each other much, feel disconnected, or if any one of you has shut down, it means that your relationship is not in the best state. But if you still fight a lot, refrain from name-calling, have kids or are willing to work on it, there is still hope. So, how to rebuild a relationship? Here’s all you need to know:


Seek professional help

Don’t fall prey to the stigma attached to consulting a therapist. It is normal, and it works. They are professionals and know how to rebuild a relationship. When dealing with a broken relationship, people only end up concentrating on their partner’s mistakes and are unable to see where they are going wrong. This is where a therapist can help you by bringing a fresh and unbiased perspective to your relationship.


Be an active listener

Not listening to each other is often the root cause of a broken relationship. So, start with hearing your partner out completely without reacting or arguing before they are finished. When you actually listen to your partner, your body language gives out a positive message that you are willing to mend things. So, being a good listener is one of the most important answers to how to rebuild a relationship.  


Stop the blame game, balance things out

Broken relationships are also a result of the blame game where one or both people involved feel that they are being blamed for everything that is not right. So, stop the blame game. It always takes two people to make or break a relationship, so concentrate on ‘us’ rather than ‘you.’ Pointing out mistakes is never the solution. And even if you wish to do it, do it in a way where the other person doesn’t feel the lone one responsible.


Communicate openly

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship and makes sure that you express yourself freely, even if it means getting into a fight. Most broken relationships can be mended if you express and communicate properly. People mostly drift apart when they don’t feel a part of the other person’s life, which happens when the communication stops. Avoid being judgemental when your partner opens up about an issue. Even if you find their issues petty or unimportant, they can actually be a really big deal for your partner.


Go back to where you began

Many broken relationships are not really broken. Monotony, lack of effort, and unwillingness to continuously keep working on it make things sour. And going back to where you began your relationship always freshen things up. Go on a date again, take a short vacation together, spice things up, and try new things in the bedroom like couple sex toys or role-play. Sometimes, reminiscing about the good times brings the love back into a broken relationship. It reminds you why you started dating or married your partner and is one of the best ways of repairing broken relationships.


Be persistent in your efforts

One of the best ways to fix a broken relationship is to be persistent in your efforts. If you have decided to work on a relationship and let go of the bad habits that hurt the bond between you two, make sure you continue working on it and not give up. This will send a positive signal that you are actually willing to work on your relationship and not making short-term promises.


While all the pointers mentioned above are effective ways to fix a broken relationship, spicing up your sex life should not be ignored. One of the strongest glues that keeps a couple together is good sex life, and you should go all out to break the monotony. Either use sex toys to make things more happening or try other things like role-playing, dirty talking, going on date nights, etc. To find out more about sex toys, visit