If you are looking for a good window system that supports a given temperature within your home, pay attention to casement windows.

Read about all the features of this design and where it can be purchased.


Casement Windows: Advantages and Features

Flanked windows are the optimal solution for those who want to fill their house with light, improve the view while keeping the heat or cool inside.

  • Easy to open and close

Vinyl window structures go with side loops and open to the right or left. With a convenient rotatable handle and high quality fittings, you can easily control the flow of fresh air.

  • Long service life

Such products do not require any maintenance. Unlike wood products, vinyl structures do not rot. The fact is that timber can not tolerate wet climate: it can deform, lose color, close badly and eventually rot. By choosing vinyl windows, you are protected from such risk. Provided that you choose a reliable casement windows manufacturer that uses a high-quality vinyl, a good seal and a credible fitting, windows can last several decades.

  • Several options of dimensions

You can choose both products of standard size, and order them in the unique size you need.

  • Structural Safety

This is a key factor while choosing such products. Modern locks and handles installed in such systems provide tight and secure closures.

  • Leakproofness

Due to a high-quality ecological seal put between fixed and open parts of the structure, you will be protected from dust, noise and unpleasant odours.

These windows use modern dense compaction, which is considered one of the most energy efficient options. Your Canadian home will have a stable, healthy temperature. No more cold or excessive heat!

  • Wide range of types of such systems

Casement windows are not only single-windows. For your convenience, bivalve windows open in the middle, providing a better view. There are also triple window systems and products with a flap when windows open outside.

If you are looking for something more original, look at the Victorian-style sliding systems or products that are additionally equipped with bars or window pillars.

  • Convenience of installation and maintenance

Such a system is easy to install, so you will soon be able to admire the beautiful view from your window.

And thanks to the 90-degree view, it will be much easier and safer for you to wash windows from the outside as well as from inside.

  • Numerous designs to choose from

The large colour palette of the exterior and interior, the variety of styles of the windows and the bars, the opportunity to tint the glass to protect yourself from the sun or to make your life more private,  all for your comfort and aesthetics of the house.

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