“What do I wear?” This is one of the most challenging questions that most women if not all, find hard to answer. Is it because women have many clothes? Or perhaps they want to make an impression? Well, whatever the case, any woman’s goal is to feel and look good in whatever they choose to wear. Keeping in mind that there are different types of clothes that women can put on, our primary focus in this article is on women’s suits. Female suits are the real deal nowadays, and this trend has indeed taken the world by storm. Let us now look at some of the best women’s suits 2019;

  1. Women’s pin Stripped Pantsuits

If you are going for a clean and refined look, then a striped pantsuit is just the right one for you. Basically, a pinstripe suit is made from a fabric that has very thin stripes. And the good thing is that for the striped suits, you can always choose the color of stripes that you want on your suit as well as the design of your suit. So much so, you can choose to have a pin-striped suit with wide-legged or even one that is a slim fit.

  1. Women’s Double-breasted pantsuits

Do you have an executive meeting coming up and wondering what to wear? Well, a double-breasted suit is one of the best pantsuits in 2019 that will make you feel confident and leave an impression at the same time. A double-breasted suit has a coat who’s one half overlaps the other, and it usually has a double row of buttons. This type of suit is much more inclined to the official pantsuit side, but nevertheless, you can also it on any other occasion that you feel like the suit will be fit. Its unique design is one that hardly goes unnoticed, and you can also play with the button designs in terms of the type of buttons on the suit, the buttons thread color, and so on.

  1. Women’s summer suits

Summer suits are one of the best women trends in 2019. The summer suits come in wide varieties in that you can choose to mix and match the patterns of the suit or stick to only one fabric. With the summer suits, the styling aspect is very versatile. You can choose a summer suit depending on your own taste and style. For instance, you can wear a short skirt and a long blazer suit or simply a slim fit trouser and a blazer- whatever your choice, it brings out the chic fun side of you.

  1. Women’s official skirt suits

Official skirt suits are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. The skirt suits blend in so well in almost all occasions; whether you have a board meeting in the office, you are meeting a client, or even a simple day at work, a skirt suit is a great idea. All women, no matter their body shape always look good in a fitting official skirt suit. With the official suits, you can choose a design of the coat depending on your style. For instance, you can go for a unique collar style, button style color, button arrangement, or even add your own initials. Also, you can choose to go with either the A-line design of the skirt or a pencil design. But remember, for the official skirt suit, the recommended length of the skirt is either below the knees or slightly above the knee.

  1. Women’s casual skirt suits

Casual skirt suits are life saviors. Sometimes you may want to tone down a little bit while at work, and a casual skirt suit does it just right. The coat and skirt fabric in a casual skirt suit do not necessarily have to be the same. And similar to the official skirt suit, you are free to play with the design of your suit in terms of the buttons, collar design and so on. And for the casual skirt suits, you can play with colors too; do not be afraid to get a casual skirt suit with bright colors.

  1. Women’s double-breasted flared skirt suit

The double-breasted flared skirt suit is one of the suits that give you a sophisticated chic look. In this case, the coat design has a double row of buttons, and the skirt is flared. This suit accentuates your figure, and when paired up with heels, it completes your look. Again, for this type of suit, you can choose a color that you feel like.

  1. Cinched waist suit jacket

All women have amazing shapes, but the cinched waist suit jacket makes it even better. As the name suggests, the cinched waist suit jacket makes the waist appear smaller. And truth be told, most women always want to have a small waist. The cinched waist suit jacket gives that perfect illusion that you have a smaller waist. You can decide to pair the cinched waist jacket with a high waist suit slim fit trouser.

  1. High waist short suits

Shorts suits are another women’s suit trend that has gained popularity worldwide. And the short suits are also very versatile. In fact, today, most organizations allow women to rock short suits in the office so long as they are decent. Additionally, the short suits are versatile too. For instance, if you are wearing a short suit to the office, you can choose a unique design for the coat and a short that is slightly above the knee or below the knee. On the other hand, for a casual short suit, the length of the short depends on you. A pin-striped high waist short suit would look good in an office setting as well as in a casual setting.

Take Away

It is with no doubt that women have quite many suit options to choose from, especially in 2019. So long as you get the right fittings and design, then you are good to go. And believe it or not, the women’s suit trend is here to stay!