Leading UK retail store, UUNA TEK CO., LTD, upgrades their Handwriting-imitated Drawing Machine, iDraw, making it the drawing machine with the highest precision in the market

iDraw has been described by many as “the Most Versatile Handwriting-imitated Drawing Machine,” thanks to its multifunctional features that ensure that the diverse needs of different categories of users are met. The product recently got an upgrade, a move that has made it the only XY plotter that can laser engrave in wood, paper, and leather. The upgraded iDraw currently has a precision of 0.1mm, which is the highest in the market.

Drawing tools have become increasingly popular in recent times, with the likes of Axidraw helping users to achieve their desired image with relatively little stress. Unfortunately, many of the available tools and aids are relatively expensive, meaning that only a few people can leverage their features. On the other side, somewhat affordable tools do not deliver the desired results for users. However, iDraw seems to have found a way of blending quality with affordability, with the different versions of the product.

iDraw has been described as the best alternative to the popular Axidraw, due to its amazing features, with the recent upgrade seemingly substantiating the claim. The user-friendly tool is ideal for makers, geeks, DIYers, students, and teachers, with features such as 100% handwriting imitation, laser engraving on different surfaces, and the ability to run within several minutes without soldering or programming. Other features of the product include supportability of second development for advanced users, environmental friendliness, and computability with different pens, including pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes, and any other pen size below 15mm.

iDraw is currently available in 3 different versions for Mac and Windows. In line with the goal of UUNA TEK CO., LTD to make quality products easily accessible to customers and in the spirit of celebrating their 5th anniversary, all iDraws are currently available at discounts of up to 27% as detailed below:

  1. iDraw – A4 acrylic version, original price is 199USD, now it’s only 150USD
  2. iDraw – A4 metal version, original price is 339USD, now it’s only 249USD
  3. iDraw – A3 metal version, original price is 350USD, now it’s only 329USD

For more information about iDraw and other products offered from UUNA TEK CO., LTD, please visit – https://uunatek.com/. The company also has a relatively strong presence on social media and can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


UUNA TEK CO., LTD was founded by Una Tao to provide customers with a wide range of quality yet affordable products. The company is currently the official UK distributor of DOBOT Magician, RIGIET, LANMODO, IDRAW, and PUPPIE.


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