The rapid evolution of technology has led to massive changes in the gambling market, transforming it into a predominately online industry with more and more punters placing their bets and playing online or on their smartphones. Online casinos and online slot games are the most popular form of gambling online in many parts of the world, but statistics show a different trend in the UK. Punters in the UK bet much more on sports events and sports betting sites rather than casino games or slots. The number of betting sites in the UK is constantly increasing as the number of UK punters who bet online also increases.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, between 2019 and 2020, the UK generated a total gross gambling yield (GGY) of £14.2 billion from UK punters. Online gambling generated a GGY of £5.7 billion in the same year, over 8% more than the previous year. The staggering figures as well as the increase in revenue from online gambling make it clear that online betting in the UK is extremely popular.

So, we know that gambling is massively popular in the UK, but what do UK punters bet on the most? Below, we’ll take a look at the most popular betting preferences for UK punters.

Skill-Based Betting Over Luck-Based Games

Many online gamblers spend most of their time and funds on online slots, which make up a huge part of the online gambling market. These games seem to have the biggest appeal for many players simply because they’re fun to play and require no knowledge or skills.

UK punters, on the other hand, show a preference for a different kind of betting that requires a lot more knowledge of how to bet on sports and careful decision-making. When it comes to sports betting, the odds of winning depend significantly on your knowledge of betting systems, research, and understanding the odds and how they work.

Sports betting requires a lot more dedication and knowledge but it can also be a lot more interesting especially during major sports events. This is because punters in the UK need to have in-depth knowledge of each football team and the individual players as well, including who are the best players and the ones most likely to score. This knowledge is necessary to bet on sports because it’s not down to luck or chance.

Major Sports Events in 2021 that UK Punters Bet On

Football dominates the UK sports betting market, with a staggering 91.5% of UK punters preferring to bet on football. The FA Cup remains the most important sports event for anyone in the UK, especially British punters. Not only does the FA Cup draw millions of viewers in the UK and outside as well but it also generates the biggest stakes from sports fans who consider it one of the most important betting events of the year.

Although not a UK sporting event, the Euro 2020 tournament will be one of the major sports betting events for UK punters in 2021. Many top players from the national teams will then play in the Premier League and the FA Cup, two of the most followed leagues in the world. Therefore, UK punters will have their eyes on the performance of the players who will be playing in the Premier League and the FA Cup.

Besides football, UK punters also like to place their bets on several other types of sports, although none are as popular as football in the UK. Horse racing is quite a popular type of sports betting in the UK, followed by tennis, cricket betting, esports betting, darts, and greyhounds.

The Most Popular Types of Bets Among UK Punters

As any sports bettor knows, there is a vast number of different bet types that you can place. For UK punters, the most popular types of bets are combo bets. Although riskier, combo bets pay out better odds. Singles are also a popular option, offering lower risk and better odds for high rollers. Most punters in the UK prefer to bet on live betting and pre-match betting, although pre-match betting alone is much more popular. Live betting involves placing bets during the match as its being played, while pre-match betting consists of placing bets before the match begins. Statistics from previous matches determine the odds for pre-match betting, making this type of betting less risky than live betting. – Your Trusted Guide to the Best UK Betting Sites

UK sports fans have a wealth of choice when it comes to betting sites in the UK, with several sportsbooks available for UK punters to place their bets at. At, UK punters can narrow down their search for the best betting sites with in-depth guides and reviews of the best sportsbooks and betting sites for British players. With so many sportsbooks available, it can be hard to find the best of the best, which is why is a great place to start to find the right betting site for you. Every sportsbook reviewed here is guaranteed to provide a safe and positive user experience for UK punters, making it a great resource for both experienced sports bettors and UK punters who are new to sports betting as well.

Football Betting Remains the Biggest Sports Betting Market in the UK

Besides sports betting, UK punters also enjoy playing online slot machines and casino games, but according to the research, sports betting continues to dominate the British gambling market. In general, gambling in the UK is one of the biggest markets, with around 24% of UK punters playing online casino games and the majority of 76% wagering on their favourite sports. Taking a look at the statistics, football betting remains the most popular market in the UK and this is unlikely to change anytime soon considering the huge fan following that football has in the UK.