Diamonds are one most beautiful gemstones this earth has to offer. And Bova Diamonds is ensuring that their clients can enjoy the best of them. It is a premier jewelry store situated in the heart of Dallas. They specialize in loose diamonds, engagement rings, and custom-made jewelry.

The store has an experience of 20 years in selling wholesale and retail loose diamonds. For all these years, they have served Dallas, Texas with a wide selection of loose diamonds and have developed a good repute for offering the best wholesale diamonds in the city.


Why Choose Bova Diamonds?

Bova Diamonds is owned by Nir Sova who believes in a simple philosophy. It is the perspective of selling the highest quality merchandise and offering a knowledgeable and first-class service. He also offers prices below the traditional wholesale rates along with these benefits.

If you are planning to buy loose diamonds Dallas, a customized engagement ring or jewelry for any occasion, then here is why you should choose Bova Diamonds:

  • The store offers their personalized education to the customers. The regular customer can find it challenging to find the right diamond. This is why they need the expertise to make the best choices. And Bova Diamonds, they are going to find it
  • The store keeps a wide selection of loose diamonds, custom-made jewelry, engagement rings, diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and wedding bands in their inventory. This allows customers to check out what is on offer without having to frequently visit or wait long
  • A jewelry store is not just about finding the pieces you can fall in love with. You also need the best customer service. The Bova Diamonds store ensures to accommodate its customer before and during buying and following up with a superb customer service even after the sale has been completed. Complimentary services such as maintenance, cleaning, re-sizing, and appraisal are offered to all customers
  • Each jewelry piece comes along with a lifetime warranty. While the wholesale prices are below the typical rates, the quality is above standard. The customers can keep coming back to find more amazing products with the same level of service they experienced the first time
  • With each diamond purchase, the store offers a lifetime upgrade. It means that the customers can come in any time after the purchase and trade in the original engagement diamond, solitaire diamond, and diamond studs for a different size, quality, and shape

All these features of the Bova Diamonds premiere jewelry store make them so well known in the Dallas area. For years, customers have been experiencing a great service and passing down the recommendation to their newer generations.

If you have decided to customize your engagement ring or planning to buy your wedding jewelry and you live in Dallas, nothing could be a smarter choice than the Bova Diamonds store. Not only will you be buying some of the most precious and quality jewelry but making a good investment too.