Budget Savvy Home Upgrades for You

When you talk about home improvement, you think of the most affordable upgrades for your home. For those who are on a limited budget, it is very important for them to spend every dollar wisely. Here are some budget friendly home improvement ideas which will help in making your home a better place to live in:

Bring finishing touch to molding

Crown molding adds length and breadth to your room. It is an amazing inclusion to any house. There are wooden moldings available in dozens of options which you can paint or leave as it is. There are moldings available in flexible materials like foam and its installation is pretty simple.

  • If the height of your ceiling is 9feet, then you should opt for simple styles to avoid a gaudy look.
  • Keep focus on entrance, doors and windows. It gives your room a complete and expensive look.

Put top notch ceiling fans

If your fans have gone outdated then put new ones or get your old ones painted with new crown molding. It gives your room a refreshing look.

  • Put the fan around 7 to 8 feet above the floor
  • If you have a low ceiling, opt for hugger ceiling fan.
  • Check energy star before purchasing the fan.
  • Check the quality of the fan before purchasing

Install a patio or deck

Do not go crazy to design your outdoor space with top-notch amenities. Invest in an outdoor kitchen and other top quality facilities. Keep it simple and functional to get a high ROI. A well-installed deck may cost your around $10000. Spend nicely on deck lighting as it makes a big difference on its functionality and beautification.

And along with spending on your deck, install a secure and pleasing deck railing. These railings do not add to your safety of your house, but also add aesthetics too. Choose sturdy, contemporary, beautiful and weather proof railing to add value to your house. Focus on the railing material and find out about its maintenance before installation. It is important to plan your deck railing when designing your deck to choose the best options.

Include creative storage

Often people complain about their home storage. Thus, adding storage may be of great help to you.

  • Go for platform storage which hangs from your ceiling.
  • Stairs also offer you storage. Include old chests under your basement staircase.

Go for landscape lighting

Exterior lighting brings luster, shine and power to your house. The lighting accents helps to give a new look to your house and keeps the burglars away. You can include motion detection lights to enhance the security of your house.

  • Put accent lights under trees to display the best of your landscapes.
  • Keep them on a timer, so you don’t waste extra energy by making them run during the day.
  • Go for warm, white lighting to make your house appear welcoming and warm.

These tips do not just add value to your house but make it appear luxurious and renovated in a budget friendly manner. So, go ahead and try them now.