Building Credibility with Virtual Phone Numbers

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When it comes to expanding your business, it may seem like it is impossible to spread your services to markets in different regions, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science.


With the internet being accessible in most areas of the world, building credibility with virtual phone numbers is easier than ever; you just have to know how to move forward with this business endeavor.  

In this article, we will demonstrate how it is possible to tap into different market regions; all you’ll need to do is research and implement.



How Virtual Phone Numbers Work

Virtual phone numbers are an easy concept to understand:


When a caller dials your virtual phone number, that call is instantly routed to a destination phone number (which can be located anywhere in the world). This means that if you had a China virtual phone number, that call can be routed instantly to your United States-based location. Thanks to cloud computing and VoIP technology, there isn’t a delay; calls are instantaneous and maintain the same quality as “normal” phone numbers.


Virtual numbers are not expensive and they do not take a huge amount of time to connect your business to the rest of the world.  They can be local numbers, toll free numbers, or mobile numbers depending on the country or location the number is based out of.  By connecting your company number to a virtual number, you can give yourself more opportunities to be seen by potential customers. And when you consider how much appearance matters, if you advertise your business’ phone numbers (including international phone numbers), clients will take notice of how your business regularly deals with international clients.


When it comes to customers and clients choosing a service or product, they look for elements that separate your business from the competition. After all, when a business offers itself to international markets, customers look for indicators that your business isn’t a fly-by-night operation or one that can’t handle the peculiarities of international commerce (even for domestic customers). Once your customers and vendors notice that you are expanding your business to other areas on a global-scale, a more valuable aura will begin to surround your company name and branding efforts.


People will automatically think you are getting more business, especially if they see your advertisements in other countries. This will have the benefit of giving you an air of success and momentum that can be parlayed into even greater amounts of “social capital.”



Give Your Company A Regional Impression

Not only can you market toll free virtual phone numbers, you can provide your customers with additional services, such as call forwarding, recording, voice responding, voicemail, timestamps, etc.

You can simply answer your business phone with the ease of your cellular smartphone device. Once your customers see how easy it is to connect with you, via your toll-free numbers, your customers will gain the impression that you are easily accessible, giving you additional credibility that you need to succeed.


Virtual numbers allow you to be in a certain region, without having to move your business’s physical location. When you market yourself in different area codes, you will reach more customers on a local and national level.


As a business owner, you can gain a better reputation by marketing your virtual numbers online through many platforms and strategic marketing methods.


Pros for building credibility with virtual phone numbers:

      • Improve the number of customers and gain company visibility online
      • Increase your company sales
      • Turn cold leads into warm ones
      • Build a better reputation
      • Target and expand into greater markets — worldwide
      • Grow your company to newer and improved levels
      • Build a larger brand
      • Gain customer approval


When you are building credibility with virtual numbers, remember, you will be ahead of your competitors and onto a more successful path. Reaching out to markets on a global-scale will provide you with more clientele that can increase your annual revenue.  

It is about time you expand your company with virtual phone numbers. The start-up costs are entirely affordable and the process is quick.

Author: Tom Senkus

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