Events can be pretty large, and people often get lost in their to-do agendas. As a result of this, they end up not meeting everyone they wanted to. If you make matchmaking a priority and let people network or connect with others before the event, conference, or trade fair, you help them accomplish more of their to-do list. And who doesn’t want such help? Your attendees will have a better event experience, while exhibitors will get a better return on investment. That is why business matchmaking software is more popular than ever before. 

How will a business matchmaking software help you? Will it really make things easier for your events or cause more problems? This article reveals the importance of business matchmaking software and why it’s highly regarded as the future of trading.


What is a Business Matchmaking Software?

Business Matchmaking Software provides a unique platform for buyers and suppliers to network, build stronger relationships, and grow together before, during, and after any event. A business matchmaking software typically allows pre-registered visitors and exhibitors to pre-schedule meetings online. They can then meet the exhibitor or visitor during the event. It is a matching app that matches buyers and sellers supported common business categories.

Many tradeshows and conferences use this technology to create matchmaking events that match companies, monitor any emerging business relationships, and schedule meetings, amongst others. Apart from finding targeted matches, this technology helps build stronger connections leading to intelligent corporate decision-making, which can directly impact everyone involved.


How does business matchmaking software work? 

The platform’s main idea is to provide a tool for organizers that participants can use to find possible partners and schedule meetings with them.

Participants/buyers will first create a profile and register for an event on the business matchmaking software platform. The buyers then provide detailed information about themselves and their business profile, including the individual services offered or requested. There is also a section where they can state who their customers are while highlighting their current and future needs. Meetings can be scheduled on the business matching platform once there are adequate buyers on the list. 

Buyers and sellers can both access the software to schedule appointments or update their profiles. The event organizer also can schedule meetings on their own, thereby allowing buyers and sellers to partake in the matchmaking. After scouring various participant profiles, the matchmaking software automatically generates the perfect matches based on the available information. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with buyers and network with people of like minds using long-lasting business connections.


Importance of Business Matchmaking Software

Here are the top reasons to use business matchmaking software and how it can improve your event–for both your business and attendees:


  1. Eliminates the stress of planning networking activities 

When many people come together, it’s necessary to find a good way to get them talking. There are many networking activities or games that you can employ to bring your attendees out of their shells.

Business matchmaking software is the simplest way your attendees can socialize and get connected. It’s primary job is to connect people, and it does this in a simple and stress-free way. This means you can focus on the other parts of your event while it plans networking games.


  1. Improves brand awareness and event attendance through pre-engagement

Pre-engagement is very crucial to any successful event. Once your attendees purchase their tickets or indicate interest in attending your event, you should always keep in touch with them until they arrive at your event. There’s so much to tell them. From information about the speakers, venue to all the exciting content and opportunities awaiting them.

Business matchmaking software offers an effective pre-engagement platform, especially with networking. While they await the event day, your attendees can browse through potential matches and book short meetings with the participants or candidates of their choice. This enables them to properly prepare while keeping your event remains at the back of their mind.


  1. Gathers Valuable and Actionable Data

Data is important for any event. It can be used to address problem areas and show where you excel.

Business matchmaking software helps you gather reliable data on how your attendees’ network, the most popular interests at the event, the number of meetings they book, the number of users, etc. This data shows you how effective your event networking was and ways in which you can make it better in the future of technology. It also tells you when people network the most, their most popular interests, and much other important information. This will enable you to plan better for your next event.


  1. Improves the Overall Event Experience for Attendees

The job of business matchmaking software doesn’t end in just booking meetings. Attendees can also use it to plan their day and navigate your event. Adding an event schedule will make your attendees know how much free time they’ll have to network at the event. They can also use the floor plan to find whatever they need, thereby eliminating paper handouts, which causes a strain on the environment. 

The software can be a mobile app or web browser so that your attendees can easily access it from the comforts of their homes.


  1. Improves the Meeting Quality for Every Attendee

When many people attend your event, there are limited chances of finding the right person for their business goals. Your attendees will need enough time to vet clients or service providers, leads. The problem is that time is usually limited at this type of event.

A good business matchmaking software ensures your attendees find the best possible matches in a short period – the ones that have the best chance of offering them real value. This saves them time in prospecting and also helps them save valuable time at the main event itself.

It provides a detailed list of top matches so that your attendees can choose the best from them. They can later go-ahead to have important meetings with them and improve their networking experience. With all these in place, you can rest assured that your attendees will leave your event feeling more empowered and enthusiastic. They’ll also have a positive impression about you which means better word-of-mouth marketing. There’s also the desire to come back when next you send an invitation for another event.


  1. Addressing Both Active and Inactive Participants Before and During the Event 

Instead of using a scattergun mass mailing, a matchmaking software helps target visitors and exhibitors according to their areas of interest and activity level. You can quickly determine who is particularly active and ensure that inactive participants are specifically motivated. VIP customers can be easily identified by the number and quality of their meetings and commitments to the event. 


  1. Building a Community Beyond The Event

Every event planner’s dream is to provide a lasting platform through which participants will get in touch and consolidate their interaction beyond the duration of the event. Organizers can take a giant step towards making this dream a reality with business matchmaking software.

The following are just a few of the many advantages offered a Matchmaking software:

  • Organizers have an easy and intuitive tool to build and maintain their event page.
  • All essential data are easily accessible on your mobile apps (Android, iOS)
  • Participants can easily arrange their meetings before the start of the event.
  • It provides a high level of networking and advanced search functions.


Irrespective of the size or amount of attendees, business matchmaking software is essential for any event. Since networking is vital in today’s business world, business matchmaking software is the perfect tool you need to keep existing clients happy while making new ones.

New technologies enhance trade show operations through advanced systems. AladdinB2B manages all meetings and matchmaking to increase interactions at your show between participants. We follow up, escort, and assist to ensure meetings are taking place.