Buy 100.000 Instagram Followers: Pros and Cons

You are only one click away from a glittering Instagram influencer lifestyle. To buy 100.000 Instagram followers has become as easy as buying your favorite frappuccino from Starbucks. It is a smart strategy to boost your follower count and engage with brands. Once you have a good number of followers that get you noticed, you can focus on organic followers that will increase your brand value. In this article, we will cover topics including how to buy Instagram followers, pros and cons of it, and best site to buy real Instagram followers. Quantum Marketer has this epic list of where you can buy real followers from.


Reasons to buy 1000 Instagram followers

It is very common for social media influencers, brands, and celebrities to buy fake followers to improve their social status. Here are three reasons why you should purchase Instagram followers:

  1. Get brand deals

The more followers you have, the more brand deals you will get. Brands use social influencers to reach their target audience. These partnerships usually include reviewing their product or uploading a picture of their latest release. If you have a lot of followers, the brands will be interested in something long-term.

  1. Attract organic followers

When an Instagram user visits your account, they will check your posts and the number of followers you have. If these two things impress them, they will follow you immediately. The more organic followers you have, the more likes and comments you will receive.

organic followers


  1. Create a strong social media identity

People judge each other depending on their follower count on Instagram. Even though the truth sounds shallow, it is the trend nowadays. A strong social media identity automatically makes you a more aware and friendly person.


Buy 100.000 Instagram followers

Instagram has fraudulent checkers, which check for any fraudulent activity on your account. For example, if you have 500 followers and you purchase 10,000 today, there’s a high change you will come under the radar. Instagram will suspend your account and you will have to create a new one.

How to avoid this?

Aim for lower boosts daily. If the best Instagram followers purchase website offers 100 followers for $2, buy that on a daily basis. The maximum you can aim for is 500 followers for a day. Your chances of getting caught reduce significantly as it is common for accounts to experience this hike.

reduce suspicious activity


Costlier but safer

The small follower count package is going to be costlier, but it prevents you from getting caught. At the same time, you should invest in likes and comments. If you have a higher follower count from the purchase but not many likes, Instagram can catch you.


Delete malicious bot accounts

According to Imperva, 22.6 percent of Instagram accounts are bot account. Not all are harmful but if you come across one, make sure to block it. To identify such account, check the following count. If it is following too many people and has barely any followers, it is a malicious bot account. Even if you aren’t into buying fake followers, routinely block such accounts.


Pros of buying Instagram followers reviews

  1. Takes less time and efforts

When you buy Instagram followers, you spend less time and efforts compared to finding organic followers. To take nice photos, you have to visit nice places and wear expensive clothes. All these things are way more expensive than purchasing a few followers online.

  1. Boosts online visibility

While you are improving your follower count, make sure to upload photos regularly. Together, they will help you improve online visibility and appear in the discovery tab of Instagram. If the visitors like your profile, they will start following you.

online visibility


  1. Redirect to your website

Buying Instagram followers and likes helps you to redirect visitors to your website. For example, if you have 10000 followers for Instagram, it is a common notion to think that at least 50 percent of people have used your product or service. Consider the money you pay for Instagram followers as an investment towards your brand.


Cons of buying Instagram followers review

  1. Zero engagement activity

Only the best place to buy Instagram followers will offer engagement. Other websites will only add followers to your Instagram account. If you want to work as an influencer, brands are going to check the comments and number of likes you receive on each post.

  1. Inappropriate bot comments

No best site to buy legit Instagram followers will assure that there won’t be any inappropriate bot comments. If a brand wanting to collaborate with you sees this, they will refrain from contacting you. Keeping a track of these comments is difficult when you have many posts.

  1. Reduces your credibility as an Instagram influencer

Instagram accounts with genuine followers have a clear engagement path. With fake followers, you won’t have any engagement, so your credibility goes down. The social media platform occasionally purges fake or bot accounts. All the money you invested in the followers will be lost completely.


The Best sites to buy Instagram followers

For best Instagram followers buy, you have to find the best website. Since fake followers are so high in demand, you have to be careful. Here are three best websites where you can Instagram followers:

  1. Fastlykke

The best place to buy Instagram followers 2017, Fastlykke offers affordable follower deals, which start from 500 followers for $7. You can pay via PayPal. If you don’t like the performance, Fastlykke guarantees 100 percent cash back. The website offers guidance on how to use their service correctly and turn into the biggest influencer on Instagram.


  1. Follower Packages

With services starting at $15 for 1000 followers, Follower Packages is known for its ethics and 24/7 customer service. The website ensures the fastest delivery and premium quality, followers. Follower Packages offer a combination of likes and followers, completely omitting your credibility doubts.

Image –×151.png

follower packages

  1. SMCrazy

One of the most affordable websites in the market, SMCrazy packages start as low as $2 for 100 followers. They assure on-time delivery and real, genuine followers that will take you closer to your Instagram goals. We like this website because Instagram is its sole focus, so they direct all resources towards ensuring your account’s integrity.



Use to manage likes and comments to boost organic Instagram followers. The website offers a variety of monthly affordable packages targeting different aspects of Instagram. You can start the portal in the morning and leave for college or work. Insta Nobel will like and comment on other Instagram accounts on your behalf.


Draw out a plan and combine different techniques to make your Instagram follower purchases go unnoticed. Be regular in uploading posts to encourage organic followers to comment and interact with you.