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Vaping, in itself, has become extremely popular on a global level, as it’s helped traditional smokers kick the habit and use electronic nicotine delivery systems. Newly found research has found many benefits to using vape juice rather than traditional analog cigarettes. Statistics from BMJ Journals show that 82% of smokers are aware of e-cigarettes and current use of an e-cigarette was at 42% in young adult smokers. The most frequent reason for vaping across the board for all age ranges was to quit smoking traditional analog cigarettes.

As a result of vaping growing quite rapidly amongst once-smokers, it has formed into its own culture, building a community of people that have transitioned from traditional to modern day nicotine delivery. West Coast Vape Supply has been at the forefront of this movement by continuously monitoring and adapting to the changes in the market and what satisfies customers the most. One of the most recent changes in the market was the growth in vapor pod systems and nicotine salts. With the demand high throughout the market, consumers had very few options where they could purchase the vaping industry’s new ‘secret sauce’, but fortunately for many, West Coast Vape Supply monitored its growth, stocked its shelves, and was ready for customers. It now stocks a fine assortment of the industry’s latest vape pods and has one of the largest varieties of nicotine salt e-liquids, spanning from NKD 100 Salt to I Love Salts, and everything in-between.

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