YouTube has been increasing in popularity ever since it was created, and to deal with an ever-increasing competition many YouTubers started buying YouTube views and likes. Nowadays, there are over 300 hours of content being uploaded onto YouTube every single minute. With competition this fierce it is hard to break through even if you create truly amazing content. Because of this, the practice of buying YouTube views and likes is becoming more and more popular among new, as well as veteran creators. But, buying YouTube views has been met with skepticism by some and as a result, some myths have emerged. We will debunk some of the most widespread ones in this article.

  1. Buying YouTube views and likes is not illegal.

Although some practices, such as using bots to engage with the video is against YouTube’s terms of service even they are not illegal, and neither is buying views.

  1. If you buy views your video will not get deleted.

YouTube removes videos that contain illegal content or those that violate its terms of service. We should note that the Partner Program Policies tell YouTube partners not to use third-party sites to generate subscribers and views automatically, but if you are not a partner this warning does not technically apply to your videos. For this reason, it’s important to pick a high-quality provider who knows what they are doing.

  1. If you buy youtube views your account will not get banned.

Buying views doesn’t get your account banned. This will only happen if you post illegal content/content which goes against the TOS. If YouTube banned everyone who has bought views and likes then a big chunk of accounts would disappear.

  1. Some top YouTubers also buy views.

There are hundreds of top accounts that have bought views at some point. This isn’t done just by amateurs or newcomers. Many do it to get the ball rolling and give their video a good head start. Once the video goes viral the organic views keep pouring in.

  1. Your view count will not get stuck at 301 if you buy views.

The reason YouTube freezes the count at 301 is to investigate whether the views are coming from bots. Just make sure to buy views from quality providers who supply real human views to avoid this problem.

  1. Not all bought YouTube views are fake.

People wrongly assume that if a creator buys views then all of these views are automatically fake. However, this is not always the case. Buying youtube views and likes simply means that someone was paid to watch your video, as opposed to the person who clicked on it and watched it unprompted. Although, not all providers guarantee real human views. Some use bots to increase view count, so choose wisely.

  1. Just buying views isn’t enough, you might need to buy likes and comments as well.

Creators assume that as long as someone clicks on their video the likes and comments will come naturally. However, this is not always the case. And there is always the danger that dislikes and negative comments might outnumber the positive ones. To err on the side of caution you will need to buy views as well as likes. Buying likes doesn’t just improve the ranking of your video, it also encourages those who came to you organically to click that like button, since people are often influenced by what other’s are doing.

  1. Not all sites that sell YouTube views and likes are of the same quality.

If you have decided to promote your video by buying YouTube views and likes then make sure to cooperate with a high-quality service provider like as It might cost you a bit more but it will be worth it in the end. Providers that offer super cheap views typically use bots or click farms (which could potentially get you into hot water with YouTube). Look for providers that offer real human views, likes, and comments. Just like everywhere else in life, on YouTube as well you get what you paid for, so keep that in mind.