Starting of the month or it’s the end of the month we cannot survive without money, where our expenses are growing with time. We need survival and starting your own business is a necessity. Who wants to be the puppet of others? Today we believe to be our own boss…isnt this exciting? Yet to start a business, a person goes through a lot (say struggle).

E-Commerce is an appreciated platform nowadays, fulfilling everyone’s dream. DROPSHIPPING is one of the best E-Commerce business for an individual. AHH!! Don’t assume or have a thought that it’s about dropping the sailing ships (Titanic I can remember) … Let’s come to the point, 10,000 dollars a month or more inside your pocket!! That’s a really big amount. First, let’s discuss what DROPSHIPPING is?

DROPSHIPPING includes three persons, a dealer, customer, and a dropshipper.

There’s always a person who wants to achieve heights in his life, where business is the best way to achieve success but there is a lot of struggle. Let’s begin with an example to understand how dropshipping works and helps an individual to achieve success but with less pressure…

Once there was a man, named Austin full of energy, his eyes could reflect that he wanted to achieve…… heights. But being a middle-class person, he had to struggle a lot working under someone which was really upsetting for him. He wanted to be his own boss but somehow, he was stuck. One fine day he was working, he saw an article on dropshipping online worth reading!! As it was an eye-catcher. He goes through the article, then and there his curious nature brought him doing research on dropshipping. He made his account on Shopify where he generated his store. The concept was very clear for him, he had people working for him as a dealer, where a customer places an order & both were notified. Best of all he was getting benefit every time someone placed the order. Living his dreams of not being in a hectic schedule, never he had to struggle for warehouses or delivering the product to the customer on his own. It was all the headache of the dealer and he started profiting in no time. A middle-class man reached the top and he quit his job… Success is simple but the path should be very clear.


Dropshipping store of a dropshipper directly connects with dealers all over the world or in your region, where any order placed by the customers will be updated to the dealers through drop shipper’s account on Shopify, this account is directly linked with the different, user-friendly application such as Ali Express, Liquidblox, etc. I hope to see you engaged in these sites soon and set your own business to earn heavily.

Now, earning heavily is still the point to be discussed!! How are we going to earn heavily by just connecting to the dealer and how dropshipping will help you to earn?

First, keep one thing in your mind no business is easy. Starting from scratch to reach the top, we must go through a lot of things. Starting a business requires a lot of investment but what if I say it’s not a necessity to invest too much on this startup. Amazing isn’t it?

Let’s describe each vertical of drop shipping…


  • Be it a plus point you have less capital investment.
  • So, when we start up any business it’s hectic to deal with warehouse, employees working under you, marketing yourself but it has been easy since this is all dealt online.
  • Design the website (buy domain and hosting) apart from that you are playing the safest side. No dealing with products on your own. Well!! These days things are straight forward.
  • Overhead expenses are super low, again “CHERRY ON THE CAKE”!!
  • You only require an internet connection and be the boss of your business.
  • No pre-buying of products can share all the trending products to attract your customers.


Of course, yes!!

  • Invest in your store with a very little amount.
  • Let’s say, the actual cost of the product is $50 but you have given a price tag of $80 and customers place the order, neither the dealer will be familiar with the customized price nor the customer. You caught the right fish worth $30.
  • Practically you earn with your attractive store and how you make your advertisement to reach the maximum people.
  • How you make your price tag more attractive with sales and discounts, to reach the audience.


Hurry up now! It’s your turn to change your future and start the ownership of having an eCommerce business and make benefit from it. Someone how attractive it seems to have an Empire… DROPSHIPPING is providing you the platform. Well said by many “TO REACH THE LADDER OF SUCCESS YOU NEED TO TAKE NO SHORTCUTS.”