Yes, that’s achievable! With the recent hype in the crypto world, people are taking more and more interest in crypto culture and getting familiar with its do’s and don’ts. It means that a lot of people may be taking interest in trading in cryptocurrency. Naturally with so much profit, wouldn’t you want to invest or trade in it for a living?

Well, you can get its answer from a day trader who does trading for a living. It may take years to master the trading skill and a lot more to make a good living out of it. But, apart from believing in your gut and luck, it is a whole lot of study and research which you need to do to do Bitcoin trading for a living.

How to be a pro from newbie in no time?

Well, first and foremost, you need to study and know in detail about crypto trading along with precise trading strategies. Find out where you enter and exit, how to study the market scenario and to safeguard yourself from making a painful loss.

How to be a successful day trader?

Success in Bitcoin trading is measured by the money you end up making at the end of the day. A professional trader can easily do it without any problem. If you are just a normal person and you want to be a trader and make a living out of it, then here are some important points to go through:

  1. Demo account: Well, you cannot get successful in cryptocurrency trading overnight. It takes a lot of time, patience and effort to earn in crypto. Take advantage of the demo account offered by the exchanges and brokers such as RoyalCBank. It will tell you what to buy, how to buy and when to buy. Learn when to exit a trade without cutting your profits. Practice, practice and practice till you get professional.
  2. Invest only what you can afford to lose: Yes, you may have heard it a lot of time in the crypto world. The leverage that you get in cryptocurrency may let you lose all your money, if you don’t guard it or take rational decision at the time of investment. So, you may end up broke at the end of the day. Hence you should invest only the money which you can afford to lose.
  3. Learn: Even when you think that you know enough about cryptocurrency trading, learn more. You should read more about the latest updates and news.

Some of the requirements to be a professional Bitcoin trader are:

Strong willed: A trader should be focused about achieving his goals. Your ultimate objective is to earn as much as possible when you join over platforms like In case you fail, learn how to handle failure and use these lessons in your trading.

Responsible: Be responsible enough to take responsibility of the profits and the losses. Don’t blame the market for your losses. Make sure you are a good judge.

Control: Emotion flows when you are trading. It is very important to control your emotions. Most of the regrets come out because of the lack of self-discipline. One of the ways to beat human emotions when trading is by using a recommended cryptocurrency trading software or program.