Capital Funding Financial is excited to announce a new real estate investment program which is designed to help real estate investors buy and sell properties.

# 1 – Fix & Flip Loan Program – If you are a real estate investor who is looking to buy discounted properties, fix them up, and flip them then you have found the right place… Our unique fix-and-flip program is a great way for new and experienced investors to acquire properties, fix them up, and flip them for a profit!
What separates Capital Funding Financial from other real estate investment providers? Capital Funding Financial is a direct lender founded by a real estate attorney with a background in development who has designed a program that focuses on low cost, low rates, and speed in execution during the funding process. The investor may be a limited partnership, general partnership, corporation, LLC, U.S. Citizen, Canadian Citizen, or Permanent Resident Alien purchasing an investment property. Single Family Residence (SFR), 2-4 Unit Properties, Condominiums, & Townhouses are all covered under our Fix & Flip Program.

The only items needed are a copy of the Sales Contract, Construction Budget, statements, a list of properties owned, LLC Operating Agreement or Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation or Organization, and Identification. Best of all… no income documentation is needed!

# 2 – Rental Loan Program – Capital Funding Financial’s rental investment program provides real estate investors a reliable provider through a simple and efficient online process. Capital Funding Financials’ rental program was designed to help real estate investors capitalize on the rapidly growing rental market by providing them a source of financing their cash flow focused purchases. This product is a great way to leverage and free up liquidity in the real estate investor’s rental property portfolio. The program focuses squarely on the asset valuation and rental income it produces versus the credentials of the real estate investor. Learn more about our Private Mortgage Lenders.