The Charge Capture software is developed by MedAptus. For the 9th time in 10 years, we have been named the Category Leader in the Mobile Charge Capture segment in the “2019 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services”.
The award recognizes their CHARGE PRO software product, charge capture, management and reconciliation software that improves financial performance for physicians and hospitals by accurately converting billable services into ICD-10 codes quickly and easily.

Charge Capture is a process where physicians and other health care providers record information on services provided to patients. This recorded information is then sent to insurance companies and the proper co-payers for compensation.
With Mobile Charge Capture, physicians record their services rendered via Charge Capture software and the hospital can easily send out the proper information accurately and 100% compliant . Mobile Charge Capture replaces ineffective paper systems and simplifies the process.

Traditional charge capture methods rely on a manual process. Where orders are hand written and collected for data entry, sometimes they are not entered into the central billing office for weeks after the patient encounter. This creates billing mistakes, a lack of reconciliation capability, and higher charge lag. 
This lack of efficiency leaves money on the table that could be recovered if MedAptus charge capture software is used.