What is Chatbot marketing? Well that’s a simple answer. In this article we’re going to explain chatbot marketing for 2019 so you can maximize your user experiences. You’ll be able to see what the most popular live chat programs are doing for your customer and how to set them up in order to maximize your customer service, as well as increase sales for your website or your products. You can integrate chatbots on things like Facebook Messenger, your own website, or even other forms of messenger applications (Facebook is just one of the most streamlined ones out there).


How Can They Increase Sales?

Chatbots have only been around for a while, but they’re growing more and more popular according to Smart Bot Marketers. You can use them for so many tools, as well as marketing your own products and services, and be there for your customers. In a way, chatbots are there to be your own personal artificial intelligence market researchers. When you constantly set them up and adjust them properly based on your customers needs, you’re always getting your word out there, and maintaining a solid reputation by increasing user experience. You can set them to redirect people to your website to get answers (for even more SEO), as well as just to buy your product.


How to Get Chatbots to Work for You

If you don’t start marketing with your chatbot, then you’re not going to get the proper revenue and custom visitors that you will need to maintain things automatically on your own. You should have literally more hours of marketing your product than you spend creating the product. This is a general business rule and is in the process for chatbots as if they were humans themselves.


Don’t Stop the Learning

Chatbots take in information that is given to them, and you can see numerous reports (like questions asked, and more). If your chatbot doesn’t have an answer for a question, you may include things like a Link to your website, but go ahead and set them up to constantly grow and provide answers that are asked to them. The same goes with advertising. Don’t limit yourself to just one or two of your products, make them constantly “learn” all of the products or services you have to offer.


Target Your Crowd

Marketing needs to be targeted towards a direct audience just like anything else. Don’t forget this when using a chatbot either, because this can be a crucial tool to your build-up or downfall.


Network with Chatbots?!

Probably one of the coolest features of chatbots out there, is that you can actually have multiple connections for people to get ahold of and integrate them together to make one superbot. What does this mean? You’re technically networking your chatbot with another bot, which is pretty awesome. You can program your chatbots to literally work like Furbees or Fingerlings so that they respond to one another in some way shape or form and react to the customers depending on the various answers they give them. How cool is that?