Technology is improving, customer demands are increasing and prices are decreasing .

Everyone nowadays wants to have something valuable in the cheap price.

If you’re looking for best and cheap washing machines to buy in UAE in 2020 then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we have briefly discussed washing machines which you can buy right away. (If you feel like buying!)

So without any delay lets directly get to the point and talk about the affordable machines to buy in UAE.

We’ve enlisted washing machines in on base of their price in descending order to don’t be afraid as there are plenty of washing machines in the list.

Nikai 7 Kg Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine NWM700SPN7

One of the Best top load washing machines to buy in UAE is Nikai 7 Kg Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine NWM700SPN7.

It operates very quietly and is of course very durable. Otherwise we won’t be writing about it.

Nikai 7 kg top load washing machine comes with very good body and is build with high class plastic which makes it stand for long run without even getting tired.

Nikai is one of the most affordable washing machine you can buy in UAE.

Nikai 9 Kg Top Load Semi Auto Washing Machine NWM900SPN5

On the second again comes the Nikai. When you get good washing results as well good price then you will get Nikai 9 KG top load washing machine which comes with Twin tub.

It also have pulsator which makes it one of the best affordable washing machine to buy in UAE.

If you’re working 9 to 5 and have literally no time for laundry then of course you might want to think about Nikai 9 Kg NWM900SPN5.

Whirlpool 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine FWF71052W

In washing machine reviews, Whirlpool 7 Kg comes on the third in the list.

Not one or two, there are several reasons behind putting it on third in the list. First thing is first, which is it’s damn hot look. I mean what else you want in under AED 1000? Not just that it will also help you bring down your electricity bill as it comes with A++ energy efficiency feature.

Whirlpool literally beating the giants in the washing machine industry as it has exactly the same hot look and almost the same features.

If I were you, I would waste more time and immediately buy this one.

Electrolux 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine EWF8251SXM

While talking about best washing machines to buy in Dubai, UAE Electrolux is a must.

As it complies beautiful design, high quality, amazing features and amazing price all in one.

The most interesting thing about Electrolux 8 KG Front load washing machine is that you can set any desirous time for each round out of 8.

Machine is going to take good care of your clothes and will give them nice and gentle wash. Also it comes with A++ Energy class which means good washing results and less bill.

What are you waiting for, buy it now!

Bosch 9 Kg Front Load Washing Machine WAT24462GC

Bosch is the Boss!

A Bit pricy but good value for money.  Bosch will take more care of your clothes than you do.

From the color of fabric to its softness it takes care of everything and give excellent washing results.

Bosch is also packed with SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect. That means, while washing it brings the time 65% down and energy 50% down.

It has next generation water management system which won’t drain all the water from your home but just use as much as needed.

LG 8 Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine F4J6TMP8S

LG is one of the Fully automatic washing machines to buy in UAE. LG have 6 motions which includes tumble, rolling, stepping, swing, filtration and scrubbing.

You might be thinking 6 different motions may damage your clothes but let me make it straight for you.

These 6 motions will make sure that your clothes get wash like a new bride.

No compromise at all.

Siemens 9 Kg Front Load Washing Machine WM14T48XGC

This is the fully automatic washing machine equipped for giving optimum results to the user. Touch control buttons consisted of this product to start, reload, pause, less ironing, and spin speed reduction.

A sensor is added to the Inox-easy clean washer for detecting the fabric type and maximum water efficiency.

iQ500 front loader washing machine determines how much water is required as well as precisely detects the load. The capacity of high load and multiple choice of washing cycles are quite convenient.

The front-load washer by Inox-easy clean gives identical performances and efficient results. You will find the perfection of this product in just one cycle over fabrics.

Samsung 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine WD70K5410OS

Eco-bubble technology does a marvelous job for the cleansing of stains and dirt.

You won’t have to call out an engineer for analyzing the problem which often accidentally arises and the same as don’t waste money too. Because a smart checker automatic error-monitoring system equipped to the machine.

This smart checker will detect and diagnose if there would any troubleshoot. This astonishing feature is going to save your money and time.

Diamond-shaped soft and smooth ridges will supremely and gently wash your clothes. However, the clothes won’t be trapped into the tub of the washing machine because of small water exit holes.

Samsung 9Kg 1400 RPM Front Load Washing Machine


A shirt, a shock, a scarf or any other cloth that you often put into the washer after starting the machine, most of the time doesn’t clean up very well and a feeling of regret bothers all the time.

As bubbles penetrate into fabric quicker so that they will not spoil the texture of the fabric. Through the use of this feature, the grace of your clothes will be last longer.

Moreover, the excellent spin speed and Eco bubble technology, only in 39 minutes you will be done with your daily laundry.

Your time will be consumed lesser by the use of the Samsung Q-drive front load washing machine. This machine will eliminate all the odor-causing bacteria from your clothes.

Final Thoughts

If You’re looking for best and cheap washing machines to buy in dubai uae in 2020 then you want to wash your clothes gently go for BOSCH Front Loader WAT2442GC Washing Machine. What I like to have for me is NIKAI Semi-Automatic Twin Tub NWM700SPN7 Washing Machine because I like to wash quickly and efficiently.

You might be going for Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine EWF8251SXM if you want to manage your washing time by own.