Way back in the 1960s the Pill liberated women. It didn’t just revolutionise birth control, it liberated us from our periods. My, how times have changed. Technology explosions. Men helping not just around the home, but with the children as well. Women graduating with top degrees and climbing the career ladder. But most importantly, those things happen later in life now.

You’re young. You’re care-free (seriously, do not stress your exams). You want to make the most of this time and pack in all the holidays and music festivals you can before you have to hit the books and really cram in your third of university. You want to protest until there really is equal pay. But your period is in the way.

There’s an alternative way to delay your monthly visit from Aunt Flo.

According to Jana Ableovska from Click Pharmacy states “norethisterone is a safe and easy way to delay your period if you aren’t already on the pill. “

You don’t want to be running to the toilet to change pads or tampons or empty your mooncup when the only available toilet is a port-a-loo set in a sunny, yet somehow muddy location, at a music festival. Besides, your favourite band is about to come on. So bring out the white hot-pants and relax because you are safe for up to 17 days. One pill three times per day, start three days before Aunt Flo is due to visit, it is that easy.

You can order it from your phone, making use of that technology explosion and the medical advancements of the last sixty years. It even works if you’d rather study and have an important exam the day you’re due to come on.

If you need to delay your period and you already take the birth control pill, skip the week off and leave the mooncup at home. You have a life to live and people to see (and maybe do).


So you aren’t on the Pill and the condom slipped with that hot guy you hooked up with last night?

Medical advancements have you covered too with the morning-after pill. This one won’t delay your period like the conventional contraceptive pill or the period delay pill but it’ll delay the release of your egg, resulting in not pregnant. That hot guy may have been a great lay last night, but do you really want to start your family right now? It can be ordered from an online pharmacy as he snores next to you.

Our grandmothers started their families early. We don’t need to. Our grandmothers didn’t have much in terms of comfort when it came to their periods. Adhesive pads weren’t invented until the 1970s. They had to wear a belt to hold a rudimentary and fat pad in place. At least we can leave the house when Aunt Flo comes to visit without embarrassment of a leak or growing three extra inches by sitting on a huge wad of cotton.