Frankfurt is the largest metropolitan city of Germany. Frankfurt is one those cities that have a rich culture that is very much visible through the array of cuisines that are available there. When it comes to food, the people of Frankfurt are very specific about the quality and the taste of food that is offered to them. As they have numerous choices and have tried many restaurants, they know where to go exactly. Chinese food is very popular in Germany and is loved by most people living there. The people of Germany are pure foodies and love to explore new restaurants, party and organize events, with the help of websites and apps like Cajoot in the UK!

If you are in Frankfurt and you are out to try Chinese food, we will tell you the place that is made for you. There is a special Chinese restaurant in Frankfurt that serves traditional Chinese food and is one of the best Chinese restaurants that are serving in Frankfurt. If you are a foodie, and love Chinese food, just like we do, Zum Hufnagel is the place to be, guys! It will give you a glimpse of the authentic culture and a taste of the traditional food of China.


About Zum Hufnagel

It is a Chinese restaurant that is special in its own way. It is an all-in-one experience for the people out there who want to try Chinese food in Frankfurt and is one of the most famous chinesisches restaurant frankfurt. It has a special and unique flair to it that makes it different from the other Chinese restaurants in Frankfurt. It has pleasant atmosphere along with an outstanding Chinese cuisine to offer. The combination will make your experience worth it for sure! The staff at the restaurants is almost very welcoming and friendly, which adds to the qualities of the restaurant. It is really one of a kind and offers food that is of great taste and quality. Zum Hufnagel specializes in some types of dishes that include fresh and grilled meats, their vegetable and fish skewers are the best ones in town, and let’s not forget an all-time favorite of the customers, their homemade Maultaschen! When we say it is heaven on Earth, believe us, we are not overstating at all. You must definitely try their cuisine for yourself.

The restaurant has a diverse menu that offers the customers a huge variety of Chinese food to satisfy their taste buds. This is not it, guys! The restaurant also offers the services of a buffet to its customers from Monday to Friday. Isn’t it just awesome? An all-you-can-eat buffet is all one really wants when one is a fan of Chinese food. In case you want to arrange a party for a larger number of people, you should inform the restaurant before and they will make the arrangements that you require. In case of any queries or questions, you can contact the management of the restaurants and they will try their best to help you out with your problem. This Chinese restaurant is the ultimate experience of Chinese cuisine in Frankfurt.

As we are talking about Chinese food and Chinese restaurants, let’s learn some interesting facts about Chinese food and why should you try this Chinese restaurants:

  1. The largest variety of flavors:

Chinese food that is made here has to be a mixture of numerous flavors that include sweet, salty, spicy, and even bitter at times. The food that is made has to be the perfect combination of these flavors. No other cuisine offers such variety of favors! The taste of Chinese food even changes across China. The cuisine in Hong Kong is sweet, the one in the southern part is sour, whereas the cuisine in Sichuan is somewhat spicy.

  1. Various options of vegetables:

The Chinese are popular around the world for eating the most vegetables. Their meals are richer in vegetables as compared to the meats. Their vegetables are somewhat different, like bitter cucumber and many others, but they definitely are beneficial for health.

  1. Fresh food only!

The Chinese people don’t like canned food and prefer not to eat it as they don’t think it is beneficial for their health. The Chinese restaurant we are talking about also makes sure that only fresh and healthy food is delivered to the customers. The meat may be frozen, but the vegetables are for sure freshly plucked to keep the food fresh.

  1. Bite sized serving:

As Chinese people use a fork or even a knife when they are eating, their servings are bite sized, making it easier for them to eat using chopsticks. The chopsticks cannot be used to chop a lot, and this is exactly why the food that is served is soft and in smaller proportions, making it easier for the people to eat. The chopsticks tradition is still followed at the restaurant mentioned above as well.

  1. The shapes are not meaningless:

The shapes of the food mean something for the Chinese. They have attached meanings to the shapes and colors of the food that they serve. Their traditions recommend that certain types of food must be eaten on certain traditions. These traditions of the Chinese mean a lot to them, just like their cuisine does, and they are known for it all over the world. A special shaped dumplings will symbolize wealth at New Years. Zum Hufnagel also serves various types of Chinese foods, which may signify a thing or two for the Chinese.

Chinese cuisine is rich in its flavors and has a great variety when it comes to its traditional cuisines. Zum Hufnagel is your place to be if you love Chinese food and you happen to be in Frankfurt. Even if you live in Frankfurt, Zum Hufnagel is a perfect hanging out spot for you and friends, and it also offers a comfortable environment in case you want to bring out your family and have traditional Chinese food. The ambiance is cozy and the food is unique and delicious. There is nothing else that a person requires if one is looking for a spot to eat out!

When looking for a restaurant in a new place, avoid tourist traps. Generally speaking, these are the beautifully furnished, Instagram-ready establishments. These places usually offer a couple of hastily prepared local dishes in addition to a bland exotic menu. Visit where they have compiled the list of best restaurants!