The quality of translation is one of the most important aspects, especially if it comes to legal translation. In order to prevent possible disputes, translation of public documents has to be error free and fully accurate. Even small translation mistake can lead to huge, costly losses and poor consequences.


There are many, hidden reefs due to linguistic and cultural differences between languages and often, huge difficulties appear due to discrepancies in legal systems between sourced and targeted languages.


We understand how difficult it is to choose legal translation service that can deliver high-quality translation.


Therefore, we would like to share in this article some valuable tips on how to find the right translator.


Portals dedicated to translation

Nowadays, there are thousands of platforms dedicated for searching and offering translations (Proz, Translation Café, Fiverr, etc.) Most of those websites has similar process of finding translators;


  • Post detailed offer and wait for the bids
  • Search for the translators with various search filters


The first case can be not as effective as the second one. If you post translation job offer it can result in receiving thousands of messages offering translation, often from the people who doesn’t even have qualifications to do translations. It happens because, such portals usually don’t conduct any validation and screening process and pretty much everyone can register.


Therefore, it is recommended to search for translators using filters.


Ask Uncle Google

Another option is to simply ask our favourite Uncle Google as he always is ready to assist us. You can just try to look for translation service by typing specific keywords (Please note that there are free typing lessons for beginners if you want to improve your skills in that field). For example, if you need English-German translation, then just type in “German translator“ or “German translation agency“. You will get many offers from independent translators and translation companies. It would be better if you skip websites that are advertised by Google and focus rather on websites that are at the top positions in organic search. Why? It is not easy to get to the top position in Google search engine. Google algorithms rank website based on 200 different factors and if, the website is appearing as a first in organic search results, it means a lot! It means, that the website is trusted and have many organic visits. It is not guaranteed, but the chances for getting high-quality translation are higher if you´re ordering from websites that are at the top positions in Google (organic search of course).


Social networks for professionals

Great tool for finding translators could be for example Linkedin.  It is the place where job seekers, entrepreneurs and recruiters meet. If you at least once looked for the job or tried to recruit new people for your company, then you surly have your profile at Linkedin. It can be very useful tool and right place to find specialists depending on many criteria. It is relatively easy to find professional profiles. The translators who are experienced, they most likely have complete profiles with recommendations and experience record, which helps with the decision process.


Accredited and certified translators

In case you need certified translation for pubic document, professional legal translation service will be required. In that situation, it is recommended to make sure that the translation agency is in possession of certain certificates and the translators are authorised to issue certified translation. If the translator claims the allowance, you can check if they are listed on official lists provided by certain official institutions or check if the agency acquired the ISO9001 or ISO17100 certifications.


Finding translators that provide high-quality translation is rather difficult. The Internet is full of offers from freelancer translators and translation agencies, but it makes the decision process even more complicated. With those pieces of advice, it will be easier to find perfect translators for your project and you can be sure about the outcome.