So, has the latest archery event in Olympics motivated you to try archery and pursue it as a profession? It is true that since childhood, many people try to shoot at targets. There are some schools where such events are also included in sports. Whether you visit a pub or a club or even during breaks in office, you will find people aiming at dartboards with a dart in their hands. The type of archery that professionals excel at is known as compound archery. Even if you do not want to take it up as a profession, you may also use a compound bow to hunt down animals.

Tips To Choose a Suitable Compound Bow

Choosing a compound bow is not as simple as it may seem to you. There are several factors to remember before you can choose the right type of compound bow for your use. Here are some tips from DeerHunters that can guide you to choose a suitable compound bow.

  • Eye Dominance: Although you use both your eyes to see, one of them will be the dominant one. Before you decide to choose a compound bow, it is very important for you to determine the dominant eye. The term “dominant eye” basically means that your brain prefers the visual input from one eye over the other. Usually the dominant eye is at the same side as the hand with which you write.
  • Draw Length: The next step is to determine your own draw length. Although any archery store can measure it accurately and quickly for you, you can also find out about in on your own. All you need to do is measure your wingspan. Stand up with both hands extended to your sides to form a “T”. Ask someone to measure the length from the tip of one middle finger to another. Divide the length by 2.5 and you will get your draw length.
  • Length from Axle-To-Axle: This basically means the length from the bow’s cams to the bow’s limb tips. This factor is important to determine the type of shooting you can actually perform. As an example, if you use a rather long bow to hunt down animals from a seated position on a tree stand, it will prove to be very difficult. However, if you prefer to roam around on open ground, then using a long bow will help you.
  • Draw Weight: It is also crucial to determine your draw weight. This means to find out whether you opt for a shoulder release or draw with your hands. The basic aim of this factor is to determine the weight in ponds you can pull back or draw with the help of your bow. If you have never used a bow then better start off with a low weight bow. The more bow-shooting muscles you use, the more weight you can easily draw. It is needless to say that a heavy bow will naturally allow you to shoot farther. There are several bows which come with adjustable draw lengths that you can choose.