For most of us, lighting is something that we do not think a lot about. However, it influences how our quality of life at home. Adding aesthetic value to your home through lighting is nothing new. One of the lighting fixtures that you might have heard of is pendant light.

Pendant lights have become extremely popular in recent times. Many modern and traditional homes can be found sporting a pendant light. If you are new to pendant lights and want to choose one for your home, you have come to the right place. This guide shares the best advice that will help you shop for the best pendant light.


What Is A Pendant Light?

Before we take a look at how you can choose a pendant light, it is important that you know what it a pendant light is. In the simplest of words, it refers to a lighting fixture which consists of a suspension cord, a ceiling rose, and a lamp holder which contains a bare or shade bulb. Now, you might think that there is one type of pendant lights. However, it could not be further from the truth. There is more to pendant light than you think. You need to choose from single, multiple, big, small, neutral, and colorful options. With the induction of modern design, the definition of pendant lights has evolved considerably. There is a variation in style.


Tips to Choose the Best Pendant Light

  1. Know Your Options

One of the most important tips that will help you choose the right pendant light is knowledge of your options. A common mistake that many people make is thinking that they can simply go in and make a purchase. It is something that should be avoided at all costs. The fact that you are reading this guide shows that you want to educate yourself.

When it comes to indoor lighting such as pendant lights, you need to look up the different options available. There are three main types that are available as mentioned below.

  • Ambient: Also called general lighting, it fills the entirety of the room with illumination in order for everyone to move around safely. Ambient lighting tends to come from wall-mounted fixtures, track lighting, and recessed lighting.
  • Accent: If there is a particular focal point in your home that you would like to highlight, accent lighting would be your best option. It is perfect for showcasing a piece of art or an object. Dimmers are used for setting the right mood.
  • Task: Finally, task lights allow you to complete tasks with ease. These pendant lights are perfect for the kitchen, study table, and the living room.
  1. Consider the Layout of the Room

Next, you need to consider the layout of the room when shopping for a custom pendant light. It should dictate you about which lighting to go for. Determine the best option based on the room. Each room could use different lighting depending on the purpose of the room. There are certain layouts which work rather well. If you do not know where to start, you can go through your home and look at each individual room for inspiration. Let’s take a look at the type of lighting that would be suitable for each room.

  • Entryway: Go for a chandelier overhead or dramatic pendant light. Then, you can supplement it with a floor or table lamp.
  • Living Room: This is the perfect space for recessed or track lighting. If there is a main seating area, you can opt for a larger fixture around the center. The shadowy corners can be covered with floor lamps.
  • Dining Room: A great thing about the dining room is that it is super easy to illuminate. You can place a large pendant light in the center right over the dining table.
  • Kitchen: Lighting the kitchen can be somewhat complex. A mix of recessed lighting and task lighting is the way to go.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom should have an overhead light that covers the center.
  1. Aesthetics and Size

In addition to the above, you also need to think about the aesthetics and size of the pendant light. As a pendant light is a statement piece, you must also get the right diameter. If you want to illuminate the entire room, you will need to get a larger lighting fixture. On the other hand, if you want to light just a small part of the room, you can opt for a smaller lighting fixture. The aesthetic of the lighting should match with the aesthetic of each room. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what you might find attractive might not seem attractive to someone else. Therefore, you should simply choose lighting that matches with the style of the room.

  1. Consider the Material

Pendant lights are made of different materials. You can find one in glass, rattan, cork, leather, and wood. As there are various materials used for making pendant lights, you need to choose the right material for the best results. If you are going for a rustic look, you can opt for rattan or wood. On the other hand, glass and leather are the ideal options for a modern home. Think about the ambiance you want to create to determine which material to select. This is especially true when getting a customized pendant light for your home.

  1. Read Online About User Experiences

Finally, you can check the internet to learn about the experiences of users. If you have a few types of pendant lights in mind, you can search for them online to learn more. Go through a few reviews before forming an opinion. It will allow you to make the best decision.



Shopping for pendant lights just got a whole lot easier with our guide. Take advantage of the tips mentioned above to make the right choice. You will be thankful for all the advice. It will help you get the best pendant lights in no time.