In today’s world each of us are cruising through our lives, fervently trying to balance
our jobs, manage our house, our kids and our social life. In this chaos, we don’t
manage to find enough time to pay attention to our house. We only do enough that it
looks good and doable on the surface, but underneath it all, needs a good spring
cleaning of all the junk.

Sometimes, the junk consists of huge amounts of groceries that are left unused in the
pantry, the overflowing linen in our laundry, cupboards stuffed to the brim with clothes,
shoes and what not. Also, if you have kids, their toys are found in all nooks and
crannies of the house. It gets tough and especially overwhelming to keep track of all
things and manage them properly and it gets even more worrisome when we start to
think about all the junk, and you will ask yourself: Where will I find junk removal near me? What to do, how to do, and particularly when to do, because cleaning all this
makes you think it requires a whole LOT of time. Sadly, time is not what we have these
days. But don’t worry, we are here to help you and make your junk removal not just a
bit easy but seamless In fact, it would just take you 12 days. No, not the entire day,
but you would delegate one section of our house to one day, in this way you would be
cleaning a focused area investing just a portion instead of the entire day. Let’s begin


DAY 1: Emptying your purse and bags:
Whenever we open up our purses, we see all these little things all bundled up and
stuffed into the tiny space. We aim towards keeping it organized and minimal when we
buy the bag and use it for the first few times but over time, all of our purses and bags
tend to have all kinds of useless things. Such as old receipts, makeup products not part
of our daily wear, abnormal amount of pens and stationary, candy wrappers, small
pocket notebooks and other items that we don’t use every day. So let’s start small,
open up your bags and empty it of everything. After that think real hard what you want
to put in purse/bag and have the most use out of


DAY 2: Emptying your closet:
In this age of fast shopping, we have become accustomed to buying more and
considering less of what we actually have and are going to use. So, our closets have too
much of everything going on, that includes all types of clothes, accessories and shoes
we own. So on the 2nd day, open your closet and take all the stuff out. Then sort by
these 3 categories:
● What you use daily
● What you want to keep for special events and functions
● Old clothes that aren’t worn

Sorting by this criteria will give you a pretty good idea of what should be in your closet
and what shouldn’t. After you are done sorting, donate the clothes that are too old (not
used anymore) and those that you are iffy about using in the future.

DAY 3: Tackle your bathroom and kitchen:
Let’s get to the Nitti gritty stuff. So now, it’s your day 3 and have successfully
completed goals on day 1 and 2, which means you will be highly motivated to complete
this agenda. First we clean out the bathroom. Now we mostly have disorganized
cupboards with lots of unused products. Such as creams, lotions, medicines, makeup
and toiletry items. Carefully inspect every drawer and storage space you get and get rid
of the things you don’t use, are never going to use, rusted and expired products. This
will be rather quick and simple.

Now the kitchen is one of major parts of all the cleaning. Open the cupboards and take
out all the empty spice bottles that need cleaning, expired spices, expired food and
canned products in the fridge, old and forgotten pots and pans, broken plastic
tupperware, old or broken kitchen utensils.

DAY 4: Laundry day
Most of our laundry rooms are also a hoarding place for clothes that have not yet made
it into our closets or simply are so down into the washing pile that they never come to
the surface to be washed. So again you have to pick up those baskets in the corner,
empty them all out of their contents and wash the clothes and linen that need to be
washed while you fold and place the other clothes into their proper places.

DAY 5: Old and obsolete furniture and appliances:
Many of our storage rooms are filled with broken or obsolete furniture and electronic appliances, or even if there are none of these things, you have simply stopped using them and replaced them with something better. Then you can either sell them online or at a yard sale or you donate them to a local shelter. Once you have sold your old furniture, you can get furnishing from online stores like Price Crash Furniture – The Home of Good Furniture Sold Cheap.


DAY 6: Clean the backyard
Half-way through! Just a little bit to go. A backyard is full of old and broken outdoor
décor, plant pots and garden utilities. Sort through all of them according to their
usefulness to you and discard the broken items piled up.

DAY 7: Clean the garage
The garage is not only just a space to park your car, but its where most people store
tools and heavy machinery. So as the formula goes; clean, sort and organize the tools,
machinery and the equipment for the car according to your requirements and discard
what needs to be discarded and give away whatever you don’t have any use for.

DAY 8: Clean the car
We don’t realize it, but our cars hold a lot of junk that accumulates over time. It is
present under the seats, cup holders, dashboards and even the pockets on the back of
the seats such as old receipts, wrappers, used tissues, papers of all sorts and other
small items. So take a waste bin and take all of those useless things out.

DAY 9: Tackle your workspace
A clean and tidy workspace is important to the quality of work you do, a cluttered
workspace leads to a cluttered mind. So organize those stacks of paper and that
bundle of stationary. Discard those empty pens and useless papers and folders.

DAY 10: Clean your laptop/ desktop computer
Our computers aren’t always organized as well as they should be. So de-clutter your
desktop, delete useless files and take time to organize every random file you have
stored into its proper place in your computer.

DAY 11: De-cluttering your mind
We are nearing the end! You have managed to clean every portion of your house. It is
time to give time to yourself. For you to be productive you need to clear your mind of
all the useless worries, tensions and negative thoughts. So relax your mind, and let it
meditate. Be it in a hot bath, yoga, TV or a good book you want to read. Make sure it
all adds into your positive energy.

DAY 12: Reward yourself:
Now it’s time for rewarding yourself for all the work you did. Go to amusement parks,
party with your friends and family or binge watch that season or movies you have been
wanting to see.

By the end of these 12 days you will not only have been mentally relaxed but also
satisfied by all the work you did, giving you a well organized and a less cluttered place.
We know that even 12 days seems so much, but trust the process, once you get started
you will surely reach the end. Happy cleaning!