Click and Collect, An Emerging Trend for Online Shoppers

With the advent of the year 2020, the entire world was shut down for more than four to six months, courtesy of a global pandemic. While most of the countries have faced logistical problems, quite a few of them realized the power of e-commerce. This particular sector has given numerous opportunities when it comes to wholesalers, retailers and buyers alike. Keeping aside the entire flexibility of returning within a certain timespan, and the ease at which the whole procedure goes on, people find it extremely easy to go to a bricks-and-mortar store nowadays to buy their stuff.

However, with a rise in the e-commerce sector, there have been quite a few social problems, such as the customer not being at home to collect the parcel when the delivery-people come in, or quite a few housing societies refrain from allowing e-kart delivery people to come inside the premise (with the coronavirus pandemic, this restriction has skyrocketed to new zeniths). This is where the click and collect facility comes in handy. Such an option skillfully eliminates any chance of unprofessional delivery, and comes with a very minimal added charge for the said delivery. In such a forum or platform, the customer themself is able to enter their zip codes to check for an estimated delivery date, and in case their product is not up to the mark, they have the full right to send it back. Some of the good click and collect modules are ASDA click and collect & Sainsburys click and collect


To know more about these two promising modules, kindly read on:

1. ASDA click and collect: this is for all the residents of the United Kingdom who are unable to go out and get their groceries because of a busy schedule, or perhaps they are feeling lazy. ASDA click and collect has your back! All you need to do to get your stuff is to order online, select the quantities, and give in a preferred time of delivery and a preferred location of delivery. The way it works is pretty simple and familiar if you are a regular online shopper. You select your items, add quantities, put them in your cart or the shopping bag, and post which you proceed to check your stuff out. In the delivery section, all you need to select ‘click and collect’. After this step, you proceed with the modes of payment and do the needful.

2. Sainsburys click and collect: This is also for residents of the United Kingdom. But the best feature of Sainsburys has to be the fact that if you shop for more than forty euros for a day, you unlock a section which offers you certain amounts of certain goods which you can avail absolutely free. Placing orders at Sainsburys click and collect feature is pretty simple. All you got to do is follow the steps above, which we have written for ASDA’s, and while checking out, add ‘click and collect’ as a mode of delivery. And there you have it!


We hope this article was useful to you. Don’t be a snob, try out the click and collect feature the next time you shop!