Cloudways Hosting Review 2019: The Best Cloud Hosting

Today, in this article, we are going to provide a detailed review of Cloudways hosting. After going through this review, you will become 100% sure if Cloudways is the best cloud hosting for you or not. This review is not only for who are doubtful about Cloudways but also for those who are buying it. They will get a clear idea of what they are buying. And I will tell you how you can get Cloudways discount.


Cloudways Quick Overview

If you search for the best Cloud hosting, then the first name will be Cloudways. Cloudways is a cloud-based web hosting. A cloud hosting is supposed to be very expensive, but with Cloudways, it is entirely different. They offer such a fantastic cloud hosting plan loaded with extreme features. The package you get in Cloudways is more expensive than what you pay for the package. But there’s a solution to the expensive price tag of Cloudways hosting which is redeeming the hosting promo code available out there which will allow you to earn up to 25% exclusive discount on any cloudways hosting plan.

Cloudways hosting created such robust hosting plans for all kinds of websites. Even eCommerce website can run on the servers very smoothly. The hosting plan comes in different variants designed according to the requirements of sites.


Cloudways Cloud Servers

Cloudways provide five different cloud servers. At the time of setup, you will have a choice to choose from these five cloud servers. Cloudways works as a managed cloud hosting service, and they tied up with the top most popular cloud servers. They are Google cloud, AWS(Amazon Web Service), DIgitalOcean, Vultr and Linode.

Cloudways servers are designed to handle any websites and traffic. Their servers use SSD drives, which guarantees to improve the performance for three times. For handling large traffic load on the main server, they offer many data centres at different geographical locations like USA, ASIA, UK and many more.


Cloudways Key Features



CloudwaysCDN is a Content Delivery Network which allows your main server to analyze the severs and provide closest sever to the users. This method seems very simple, but it holds high power to manage large traffic load on the main server by distributing it to different servers.

CloudwaysCDN as a built-in feature in the hosting plan, and it is effortless to install it. You will have the freedom to choose the location of your server so that you can reach the right audience for your website niche.


Cloudways For WordPress

Colourways hosting is best suited for the WordPress platform. They have created a big name in providing the best services for WordPress managed websites. The Cloudways hosting plan can also consider as “WordPress hosting”. Because whatever you need to manage and host a WordPress website, all those services are provided by them.

For a successful WordPress website, Cloudways provides free SSL certificate to make a secure connection between user and server. It is hence increasing data security because it transfers data in an encrypted format.

Other than WordPress, they also provide additional content management system like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, moodle.


Cloudways For E-commerce

Setting up your eCommerce store was never so easy before. Cloudways gives you the freedom to set up your online store within few clicks. An e-commerce platform like woo-commerce takes no time for installing in Cloudways server. Just a few clicks and done. You can manage your store more efficiently with cloud hosting. It allows your store to get traffic from all over the world without providing them with bad user experience.


Site Migration

If you have a website or store and planning to move to Cloudways server but stressing about the lengthy migration process. Say no more to complicated and expensive site migration process. Cloudways offers a boon to moving your site without getting any trouble. Cloudways technical teams do the migration process, and they take care of every data which you want to move from the previous server. They will handle everything, and you don’t have to pay any fee. It is completely free.


Daily Backups

Daily backups are critical to keep all the data safe and to protect it from corruption and hacks. Cloudways will automatically perform the backup process daily. You can reschedule the backup process to your preferred time through the control panel. In 1-click, all your data will get restored.


WordPress Plugins

Cloudways offers many features to enhance WordPress websites performance, and Cache plugin is one of them. A cache plugin named Breeze.pre-installed with the cloud hosting. This plugin is recommended as the best cache plugin in the market to improve cache management and increase the performance of the WordPress website.


Friendly Support

Cloudways has excellent support all over the world. You have the freedom to connect with them via the voice call, text, email or live chat. The support team are very friendly in communicating, and they are very patient to listen to our problems. After analyzing the problem, they quickly provide an effective solution to customers.

The support is in all supported languages, and you don’t have to wait for hours to get a reply from them.


Get A Free Trial

Very few web hosting offers a free trial service to their customers. From the free trial, a customer can analyze how the web servers are performing and if it is the best fit for their website or not.

In Cloudways they offer 14 days free trial and that too without any credential details like credit card or debit card details. You can directly you go to their official website and can quickly signup for the free trial service.


Final Words On Cloudways

We have been using Cloudways for almost three years, and still, we didn’t have to call the support team. The services are of premium quality, and the pricing is very affordable for beginners as well as medium-level users. Cloudways are providing all the things you need. It becomes effortless for beginners to start.

In the basic hosting plan, they provide

  • 1TB bandwidth
  • 25GB SSD storage space
  • 1 Processor
  • 1GB RAM

This much specification is sufficient for new websites and blogs

However, the cost may be a bit costly for the start we don’t have much to spend so for them Cloudways comes up with many discount offers. From Cloudways discount offers they can get their dream cloud hosting at a discounted price.

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