Whether you have an emerging, mature or advanced enterprise that contemplating to use Adobe analytics but you do not know much about their packages, well you should know Adobe has got you covered with three different packages for which are Select, Prime and Ultimate.

Note that the Ultimate package is for Advanced Analytics.

So what do you get with these packages? All three packages provide the following:

Rules-based attribution; that is first touch, last touch and a lot more.

Ad hoc analysis with Analysis Workspace:

Drag and drop any number of data tables and components (channels and dimensions, metrics segments) to a project.

Offline data integration

Import data from any online or offline enterprise data as an added analysis dimension. The select package only allows the importation of data from a maximum of three (3) sources while the Prime package allows up to fifteen (15) sources, the Ultimate package lets you integrate data right up to two hundred (200).

Advanced segmentation with Segment IQ

The Prime and Ultimate package show significant statistical differences among segments through an automated analysis of every metric and dimension. This feature is not available on the Select package.

Anomaly detection

Automatically find unexpected trends in your data. Again only the Prime and Ultimate packages offer this feature.

Contribution analysis

The Prime and Ultimate packages enable you to pinpoint hidden patterns in your data, thus giving you the power to explain statistical anomalies and identify correlations behind unexpected customer actions.

Optional additional features include:

Additional predictive analytics tools that will give you advanced insights into browsing behavior patterns powered by statistical modeling and machine learning.

Algorithmic attribution that use machine-learning to assign attribution across the different channels.

As for the price, it will vary depending on your needs and the options you choose.