If you are looking for a cloud hosting service provider then there is one way to compare different cloud hosting service providers and that way is by comparing the server speeds. A fast server is one of the best ways through which a business website could generate traffic and retain that traffic.

There are many advantages of choosing the fastest cloud hosting service. However, it is important to get an idea of each of the main cloud hosting services in order to compare them. These offer a great deal of reliability and scalability which is why which server delivers the quickest is what one needs to find out.

Website speed is of great importance in today’s age of instant gratification and even a difference of just 250 milliseconds could make a huge difference. This list has been prepared after using Google Page Speed, Web Page Test and Pingdom. The list is based on the shortest average server response time.


Inter Server Cloud Hosting

Inter Server Cloud Hosting is a market leader and it offers a whooping average server response time of 434 milliseconds. It is backed by high-speed hard drives that produce load speeds of pages that are up to 20 times faster as compared to any traditional hard disk drives. Using the server means, the performance of the website would be boosted in terms of speed and safety would be ensured.


Host Winds Cloud Hosting

Another powerful performance has been seen by Host Winds Cloud Hosting which offers speeds of up to 435 milliseconds. The difference between Inter Server and Host Winds is of just a millisecond. They offer some amazing packages which all provide amazing speed.  Take advantage of minimal load times with Host Winds. There is range of options which clients can choose for pre-configured server templates.


Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting

If you are looking for a cloud hosting service that provides the fastest server speed then Digital Ocean is the ideal option as it offers speeds up to 474 milliseconds. It offers the perfect performing and scalable cloud hosting experience to businesses and has many options such security, add-on storage, load balancing capabilities and monitoring to allow your website to be fully optimized. It is one of the most sophisticated cloud hosting service providers out there. If, for any reason, you don’t like them then here are in-depth reviews on DigitalOcean alternative clouds.


Dream Host Cloud Hosting

Just like its name Dream Host Cloud Hosting is the ideal host for businesses. Its cloud platform works around Ceph and Open Stack to ensure all threats are removed from vendor lock-in. Furthermore, it allows object storage and performance-optimized services. It is just what one needs to take their website performance to the next level.


Check out Bilder Upload

Anyone looking for an interface for sharing images should use Bilder Upload. It has an incredible free interface that allows users to easily upload image files onto the servers of Bilder Upload. It is a great host for photo uploads which businesses can use for free.