Music is an integral part of our life. Most of us do spend some time daily listening to our favorite music. Speakers play an important role in defining our mood while listening to music. If the quality of the speakers and its sound is not good and/or up to our taste, then we will not be able to enjoy the music to the fullest. In this article, we will let you know about the points that you should consider while buying speakers for yourself and the same time will compared two speakers F&D T60X Fenda and Mitashi TWR 50 FUR


Design and looks

While the main part of speakers is its sound, yet its looks and design also matters greatly. Be it the selection of wardrobe, top online casinos or speakers, the first thing that we notice when we is its look. In case of speakers, if we like its looks then we go further and try to listen to it. Although, looks does not necessarily have to do anything with quality of the sound speakers has to offer, yet the way speakers are designed does reflect the thought process behind it. If you like the look, then it means that we identify with the taste of producer.

Practically, you should look for stylish, contemporary and sleek looks for speakers. Another thing that you have to work out is practically and the space occupied by speakers. Depending on the place where you gone to set up your speakers, you have to work out and calculate that it would fit in your space. In this case, both F&D T60X Fenda and Mitashi TWR 50 FUR have got identical looks. While F&D T60X Fenda is slightly bigger in size but both have identical Tower looks. So you can select the speakers as per your own likes and space required


Quality of Sound

The most obvious and important part while selecting speakers is its sound. There are some technicalities involved in it and people do workout for specifications like Watts and other features like bass and super bass which determines the resonance and clarity of the sound, yet practically, sound is as good as your ears can hear, understand, appreciate and enjoy. Technicalities apart, just simply listen to the sound and if you can like it and identify it, then that speaker would work for you. It may not look much, but the speakers resemble the volume of larger designs like those of car audio speakers. A list of them can be found on×9-speakers.

In this case, while F&D T60X Fenda offers 110 Wattage and Mitashi TWR 50 FUR a whopping 4000 wattage speakers, yet when you listen to each of them one by one, you would more or less observe identical sound. As said before, you simply need to listen to both of the speakers at different sound level and play a couple of songs of different moods and that will give you an idea about the quality of the sound. You can then use your own taste buds to decide which among them is better. Statistically, Mitashi TWR 50 FUR scores over Fenda on paper.



The brand plays an important role before buying speakers. Most of the people try to look out for a brand that is reputed and known and that is for obvious reasons. However, there is another angle to it. New or lesser known brands often offer the same specifications of speakers and other products at slightly lesser or at times at substantially less price. If you are not a fan of a brand, then while selecting speakers for yourself, you just have to use your own intuition powers and ears to understand the quality of the sound that is offering and then, it would be a smart move to buy speaker with lesser known or new brand at a lesser price than a branded one at a much higher price, while both speakers offering more or less same features and specifications.

What is more important is the policy of the brand and its reputation. If the speakers offers warranty and the brand is reputed enough for its commitment in the market and enjoys goodwill among its client, then we suggest you to not to be a brand fan and use your own intuition power and just select the one the speakers that sounds good to you ears. But do check out the reputation of the brand and replacement and return policy that might be required to be availed in case of any problem with the speakers.



Price obviously plays an important role while purchasing any product and speakers are no exception to this rule. MRP of F&D T60X Fenda is around 15000 INR (appx. $ 200) which is slightly higher than that of Mitashi TWR 50 FUR, you might also find different offers available for each of these speakers online. Depending on the kind of discount that is being offered, the final price of the product can vary slightly. As far as MRP is concerned, Mitashi TWR 50 FUR would cost around $ 50 lesser than Fenda T60X.


Overall value for money

The overall value of money is the final factor that has to be considered before buying speakers. If you do not have any issues with the budget, then you would obviously like to buy something that offers the best quality even if it is expensive. In the case, there is nothing much to select between F&D T60X Fenda and Mitashi TWR 50 FUR. They are identical speakers in terms of look and features offered. Both of them comes with BT and FM and overall, there is hardly any difference between the two.

But at times, people do develop their own preferences in terms of choice and even the slightest of the variations works as a decisive factor in making their selection. So, we would better simply let you decide and take your own decisions on which among these two speakers you should buy. You can simply use your own discretion power and information that is provided in this article and try to buy speakers that suits your needs best.