Complete guide on Online sports betting in India

After sports betting has moved online, the activity has gained great popularity and has successfully attracted numerous betters who bet almost daily on different sports. Know the best online betting sites that support Paysafe cards as well: But, do you know which is the best website to bet online? How to make a bet online? Can Indian bettors play and bet safely on some legal sites? Well, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Hence, in our article today we will go through an online betting guide that will help you bet safe online. A lot of questions are answered successfully on this guide so that there are no doubts left in the mind of the bettors.


Is Online betting legal?

There is a law in India that states that betting is against the Indian framework and you cannot bet. Though the law came out long back in the year 1867 and the internet was not present at that time. Because of this, the online betting section is not covered in the law and it is not altered as well.

This means that millions of betters can easily bet online on a variety of sports that are played all over the world. Bettors from all over the world can bet easily online on several foreign betting sites with no risk involved at all.

Let’s take an example of cricket betting and you must know that IPL betting is the highest betting event online and it is a huge business, much larger than people can even imagine. Millions of bets are made by several bettors on this competition alone. Now, you must have an idea of the greatness of online betting sites and how famous they actually are in reality.

There is a bit of grey area in sports betting in Indian law. There are some betting activities that are permitted under the law and some are prohibited and restricted. For example, some states have their own law where they allow betting on a horse race at the racetrack but manual bookmakers or physical betting shops are not allowed.


Deposits and withdrawals at betting sites

An important part to bet online is to be able to add money to your account. This step is essential when you win a bet and want to withdraw your money easily and effectively.

Though the step is not helpful every time in India as there are a lot of people who want to place their bets but don’t have a bank account. Well, Paysafecard comes handy to such people who don’t have a bank account. Visit Paysafe card’s website and know the nearest vendor. Well, having a bank account will make things much simpler for you and you can easily deposit and withdraw money.

Make use of an online site you can trust. Check the link above to know about some of the most trusted and famous online sports betting sites. Get to know their reviews as well so that you can decide based on another customer’s experiences.