A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best Dash Cam in Australia

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Are you looking for a quality dash cam in Australia? Dash cam is an extremely crucial device for having in your vehicle. This is because it records your distance and will protect the driver from accident claims. Long gone are the days when dash cams were used by only the law enforcement agencies. In recent times, plenty of dash cams are available for commercial and private usage.

The market is flooded with tons of the dash cams, buying the best one becomes dreadful. This is why we are here to help you. We have created a guide for you to buy best dash cams in Australia.


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Difference Between A Regular Video Camera and A Dash Cam

Though many people believe that dash cam is the same as the regular dash cam, there are two distinct functions of the dash cam. The dash cam features an auto on and off function; it means the camera will start recording automatically. This is a useful feature as you will not have to turn the recording on and off. It will record on a loop, and when the memory card is full, the cam will delete the old files to record new ones.

With the advancement in technology, the features of dash cam have evolved. Nowadays, dash cams come with extensive features.

What to Look for When Buying a Dash Cam?

There a plethora of things to focus on when buying a dash cam. We have listed the most important things you need to pay attention to.

1. Size of the Dash Cam

One of the most crucial aspect to focus on is the size of the dash cam. A small dash cam is perfect for a small car as it will not take a lot of space and will not attract too much attention. This will also mean forgoing some features.

New dash cams, however, offer best of both worlds. They are small in size and offer plenty of useful features. Since are discreet, they can be hidden plain sight. They have a lot of storage space and other features.

2. Reliability

Another thing that you need to consider is the reliability of the dash cam. Since the camera has an auto feature, you will not be checking the videos until you have something to see. This is why you should invest in a dash cam that is reliable. In case the cam is not dependable, you might not have the footage that you need.

3. Resolution of the Dash Cam

As mentionned on bestnetreview.com, recording HD video is a common function of the dash cams. This is why most dash cams boast video recording up to 1080p HD with 30 frames per second. It will provide more detail and clarity in the video. This is a helpful feature in clearly capturing number plates, road symbols and street lights.

4. Angle of Recoding

Another thing you need to focus on is the recoding angle of the dash cam. Mostly, the dash cams have 120 degrees recoding angle. When the dash cams have a wide range of recoding angle, it can cover more area. There are cams available with different recording angles, the most useful are 150 to 170-degrees wide angle lens. This is because they will enable you to cover both sides of the car and record the whole incident clearly.

5. Storage Capacity

The most important thing to consider when looking for dash cam is the storage capacity. Dash cams record video over the oldest recorded videos in order to maintain a loop. When dash cams have a little storage space, then it will record over the same footage. This means you will have little footage from your dash cam.

When you are buying a dash cam, you need to pay attention to the size of the memory card. If you have 8 GB memory card, the dash cam will record 2 to 3 hours before starting again. On other hand, a card of 16 GB can record for 4 to 6 hours, 32 GB card can record for 6 to 12 hours while 128 GB can last for 20 to 40 hours.

So, it is better to have a memory card of more than 32 GB.

6. Easy to Install

The dash cams are available in various sizes and different mounting options. Some of the cams can be mounted on the windshield whereas others can be on the rear-view mirror. A dash cam must not block or limit the driver’s vision. This is why you should consider the type of mount you need.

Additionally, getting a camera that is easy to install is essential. This is because you will not need professional help to install the cam. It will also be easy to reposition the dash cam.

Tips for Buying a Dash Cam

Here are some of the tips that will help you buy the best-suited dash cam. Whether you want to get a cam for you a car or a truck, these tips will be useful.

You should get a cam with a great night vision feature. This is because you never know when an accident might occur. Though the street lights, headlights, and traffic lights will provide enough illumination, there is a chance that they might not be there. So, it is better not to take a risk.

Buy a dash cam with a GPS feature. This is useful for tracking the vehicle. In case of an accident, it can be used as an evidence to prove that accident occurred where you said it did if it is not clear in the footage. This feature will even be useful for tracking your speed. Moreover, parents can even keep a record of the whereabouts of their children.

It will be good to get a cam with both rear and front camera. This will help in recording the whole incident. It will make it easy to park your vehicle. This makes it perfect for commercial or large vehicles like trucks.

Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Choosing a dash cam for your vehicle is challenging because there are several companies offering dash cams. Unfortunately, not all the companies are reliable and trustworthy. In addition, not every dash cam is suitable for truckers. This is why you must make sure the camera you are getting for your vehicle is suitable or not.

To make it easy for you to choose the best dash cam for truckers, we have mentioned the best dash cams.

Vicovation Opia 2

If you want to have a dash cam that is reliable and offers quality recording, then Vicovation Opia 2 is the right option. This dash cam is designed keeping in mind the climatic conditions of Australia. It is manufactured with durable materials to work well in extreme temperatures. This dash cam has 1440P 2K Ultra HD resolution with HDR technology. It is useful for providing a clear and vibrant video recording. Thanks to the resolution, more detailed videos can be recorded. HDR technology is useful for enhancing the brightness at night time.

Furthermore, the dash cam has an ultra-wide 160-degree angle, it is capable of recording on both the side. A remarkable thing about this cam is that it can record up to 5 lanes. This dash cam has an emergency record button, it will help in locking the important files on the SD card. So, when new footage will be recorded, these files will not be overwritten.

What makes this dash cam perfect for truckers is that it has parking surveillance mode. This will help protect your vehicle without the time lapse.

Thus, this is the perfect dash cam for truckers as it has an intelligent warning system. It will send a warning when changing lane or there is a risk of forward collision.

BlackVue DR750S

When you are looking for the best cam in Australia for your truck, BlackVue is an ideal choice. This dash cam is specially designed for trucks. A wonderful thing of this cam is that it contains two cameras; one for recording the road ahead while the other for mounting outside the vehicle.

The dash camera features inbuilt GPS and Wi-Fi along with cloud compatibility. The cam can record in 1080p HD front camera with Sony STARVIS sensor. It can even record at 60 frames per second. The secondary waterproof camera is capable of using IR lights to record in low light conditions.

You can have peace of mind that your truck is safe in the parking lot. This is because of the Parking Surveillance Mode function. It comes with a motion and impact detection. This will help in keeping it protected from damage or vandalism. The cam will even monitor your car cleverly.

So, get this functional and reliable dash cam for your truck.

Whether you are looking for best dash cams in Australia to mount on your car or truck, this guide will help you choose the most suitable cam. Which dash cam is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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