How You Could Consider Bariatric Surgery Abroad

Cost being one of the main reasons, having a weight loss procedure abroad is a growing trend. Bariatric surgery is neither a cosmetic nor a plastic surgery. The surgeon makes the stomach smaller by cutting a part of it during metabolic operation. Why is it more preferable to have your Bariatric surgery abroad?

1. Strict Eligibility Criteria

There is a high demand for gastric band surgery with limited resources. With the existence of international guidelines, patient suitability to undertake the surgery is assessed. Therefore, quite a high number of patients fail to qualify for this procedure. Moreover, with the long waiting times, it may take a couple of months before this weight loss process kicks off.  This leaves interesting subjects with no option but to has their Bariatric surgery done abroad.


2. Highly Valued Medics

Patients not only appreciate the wide range of skills and knowledgeability but also personal attention, enthusiasm, and warmth.  There are reputable surgeons who will competently and fairly treat you to make sure you attain your desired results.


3. Up-to-date Technology

In the healthcare industry, new technology is a major priority. Usage of the newest infrastructure makes bariatric surgery more effective and ensures maximum comfort for the patient. With new digital solutions; For instance, E-medical systems, instant access to diagnoses results is enabled allowing the use of interdisciplinary solutions.


4. Safe Medical Treatment

Safety goes hand in hand with safety. You definitely feel secure having a sleeve or bypass surgery done by a top surgeon with successful operations. If Bariatric surgery is not a full unit of medicine cluster in your country, then having it abroad is your best choice. Even for developed countries, the cost of surgery can vary by tens of thousands of dollars depending on whether or not the patient is covered by private health insurance.


5. Affordability

Everyone wants the best value for their money. High prices do not always mean high quality. Take a more objective look in regards to standards, prices of services; food, accommodation, and entertainment. Ensure the prices are reasonable.



Listed are of the most renowned destinations for Bariatric surgeries and their cost guide are:


I. Greece

It is one of the leading European Nations in performing weight loss surgery thanks to the quality of its expertise and reasonable prices.


II. Thailand

Medical facilities in Thailand combine vocation with high-quality treatment. The hospitals resemble 5-star resorts offering luxurious weight loss holidays. With the slow economic development in Thai, the price is 35-75% lower as compared to Australia, Europe or the USA.


III. India & Malaysia

Based on the Lancet study- world’s leading Independent medical journal, India ranks as the third country in obesity over the globe. This gives doctors in Bariatric Centres in India vast experience. Most medical tourists have the procedure in a private hospital in Malaysia since the quality of service is higher although more expensive.


IV. Poland

Poland is well known for its efficiency and the ratio quality-price for its offers for any bariatric surgery.

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