Content Marketing Trends in 2019

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If you are a marketer, then you probably know that marketing trends change every year. It is most true for content marketing as the field is evolving at a fast pace and every business wants to come up with the most effective content. Technology is changing everything at a rapid rate and if you want to keep up then it is important to know about the latest trends and developments.

Always, be prepared to make changes any minute. Technology isn’t the only thing that is changing but it is your audience that is also changing its preferences at a fast pace. When it comes to content marketing, it is vital for you to stay at the top of things and make a real impact through your content and achieve the results that you are after.

So what should your 2019 content marketing strategy be?


Here are the top 5 content marketing trends which you simply can’t ignore.


Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing

AI has revolutionized many industries and content marketing is only going to be impacted significantly in the coming years. A lot of the power AI technology is already here. However, it isn’t as accessible. Over the course these next years, this is about to change and you will see a real impact of AI on content marketing.

One of the most powerful ways through which AI could affect content marketing is by evolving the analytics system in place and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence has the power to gather and interpret vast amounts of data within a couple of seconds. Previously, it took months for such a thing to happen and by the time, the results had been achieved, they had become outdated. As the market is changing on a daily basis, there is a need for instant results and with the help of AI, it is all possible.

This means that marketers would be better able to create content marketing strategies. It allows for more data to be obtained. This helps satisfy the needs and desires of the customers more effectively. Customer behavior data can be gathered with the help of AI such as their interests, shopping behaviors, audience segmentation, personality traits, location, and many other factors.


Actual Content Strategies Would Be Needed

Now, there would be a need for actual content strategies as never before. The truth is that many businesses do not have an actual content marketing strategy which is bad news because they need to start developing content marketing strategies so as to achieve their business goals. The content marketing strategy contains goals setting, establishing of key performance indicators to measure the performance of content marketing, content Curation strategy, content repurposing strategy and audience segmentation to provide customers with more personalized content.


Contents Needs to Be Ready For Voice Search

One of the latest developments in the online world is that of voice search. It has truly changed the way through which people search for things. The use of voice search has skyrocketed and this means that businesses should also incorporate voice search into their content.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home use voice search. It is predicted to become the new normal. Studies show that people would prefer voice search in the future and the content of the future needs to be catered to voice search. Your content should be the one which voice assistants refer to when people make voice searches.

What you need to do is get your content to be featured snippets which is the short blurb that appears sometimes at the top of Google search results and answers the search query.


Collaborate With Influences in a Different Way

Normally, when it comes to influencer collaboration, it means to have the influencer promote the products of the company on their personal channels. And, it might be a great strategy, but there is another approach which has become a trend for businesses to follow right now. The new trend is to have the influencer create content for your brand channel that is to say you social media profile or blog and so on.

There are many advantages to this as it boosts credibility of the business and increases the traffic and followers as the influencer’s audience would be attracted to your platform. It is quite simple how this works. The influencer would work on your niche and create content for you channel. Then, they can also promote the content on their personal channels as well and help generate traffic to your content.


Incorporate Different Types of Content in Your Strategy to Reach a Wider Audience

Your goal should be to reach a wider audience and the only way to achieve this is by incorporating different types of content in your strategy. Content marketing is not only restricted to blogging but it is also social content, podcasting, email marketing, YouTube videos and marketing videos and much more.

More and more businesses have started to understand the importance of sharing their content on all types of channels to attract different types of audience to their channel. Besides, people consumer different types of content daily, using various devices.


This is why you need to use the following.

  • Interactive content like AR lenses which help reach a larger audience.
  • Podcasting has also become a popular option as people prefer to listen to podcasts.
  • Videos are considered to be one of the most popular forms of content. They are the most effective. Videos should be uploaded onto YouTube and Facebook to reach a wider audience.



Content marketing is changing at a fast rate and marketers need to keep up if they want to be successful in marketing their products. There is a lot of competition which is why you need to follow the latest content marketing trends in 2019 to stay ahead of the game.

In order for your business to perform well in 2019 and generate the results that you are aiming for, it is important to stay on top of the trends mentioned and use them to create a well-documented content marketing strategy that leverages AI, optimizes for the voice search option and uses different methods to share content while leveraging influencers.