Every man has some cool sweatshirts for guys in his closet. They could be plain colored or designed all over with some intricate design. Men’s fashion sweatshirts pose as a comfortable top during both the fall and winter if it isn’t too cold. If you’re like me, you will have a plethora of cool sweatshirts for men because they aren’t as heavy as designer hoodies for men. Plus, they’re usually very versatile in designs (sometimes I’d like to think sweatshirts are the t-shirts of the cold seasons). Here are a few different men’s fashion sweatshirts that you can investigate to add some diversity to your collection.

  1. Your Favorite Musician/Band:

Nothing says you love your favorite band more than a couple of men’s fashion sweatshirts with their branding all over it. Not only do these show off your support, but also the number of compliments that you will get is insane. There’s something about sharing the support for your favorite musician that makes for a perfect conversation starter with just about anyone.

  1. Any Slang That the Internet is Obsessed with at The Time:

These cool sweatshirts for guys fall into the more simplistic category: think “bruh”, “esskeetit”, “lol what”, or even “dab”. Some of these may get cringey depending on the meme, but a lot of the time they look Instagram perfect. My personal favorites in this category are the “bruh” one and most anything to do with emojis.

  1. All Over Print Sweatshirts:

Men’s fashion sweatshirts with all-over prints are amazing. No lie. You can find sweatshirts with cats in space, sweatshirts with your favorite foods, and even sweatshirts with every Pokémon from the Kanto region. The point being: there are a lot of cool branded all-over print sweatshirts out there. They may seem difficult to match at first, but simply using khaki pants or a more cream-ish color should go with just about any all-over pattern you can muster. You could even pair headbands for men with these sweatshirts.

  1. When You Can: Designer it Out:

Nothing makes a statement more than a designer hoodies for men. For this example, we’re going to name drop the brand Differio. Differio has a wide selection of cool sweatshirts for guys. Their crew-neck cool hoodies for men with the Differio branding looks simply stunning. There’s something about great branding that just makes for an epic designer outfit, perfect for any day out on the town.

  1. Have a favorite movie? Throw it on a Men’s Sweatshirt:

If you’re like me – you should love absolutely everything about dinosaurs. Given that statement, you should probably have a love for Jurassic Park. Throw that Jurassic logo on a stylish sweatshirt and you are golden. Now, your favorite movie might not be Jurassic Park, but if you can find one for your movie, go for it. Another great thing about this category is that it works much like your favorite musician. It is a great conversation starter.

To conclude, no matter what your collection of men’s fashion sweatshirts look like, there are always a ton of different interests that you can tap into to better personalize your closet. We all love something, so why not throw it on cool sweatshirts for guys?