Rolex has become a staple brand when you talk about luxury watches. There’s no way you will miss checking on their selections whenever you’re in a search for a new piece for your collection. And because of how they managed to keep unique and reliable timepiece designs, every watch enthusiast is always keen on buying any of their releases.

Wearing a Rolex watch is a luxury for some people. One of the reasons for that is because this brand cost more than a regular watch, or even compared to other luxury watches. Aside from its established reputation, you may wonder why this brand is expensive. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the factors that contribute to the value of Rolex Watches.


Why Rolex Watches Are Expensive

Rolex watches are meticulously designed

Every piece of Rolex watches is carefully crafted to perfection. It takes years of research, designing, manufacturing their collection. They have its research and development lab department that is in charge of the assembly and construction of materials. To keep the quality of their watches, Rolex uses highly sophisticated equipment such as electron microscopes and gas spectrometers. This helps keep the Rolex standard throughout the years.

It is more expensive to create mechanical watches

Rolex is well-known for creating mechanical watches. It’s a type of movement that uses a detailed clockwork mechanism using a very intricate process. It causes the second hand to move smoothly as the second-hand works. 

Creating this type of watch mechanism is more expensive compared to other types. Hence, the more pricey watch in the Rolex collection. They make sure that every timepiece has a well-polished mechanism to maintain its high precision.

Rolex uses premium materials

There’s no way that you can complete a high-end watch without using premium materials. Rolex makes sure that they will not spare the budget for the core of their manufacturing. Every material they use is high-grade such as 904L steel which is harder and shinier compared to 316L steel that is used by other brands.

Additionally, they also use white gold and ceramic for their dials and bezels, sandblasted platinum for the numbers, and gemstones for decorations to ensure optimum quality. With the combination of right pieces of materials, Rolex can create treasured timepieces.

It is built with pristine engineering

As mentioned above, Rolex uses prime machinery to manufacture their watches. They make sure that every piece is engineered with utmost quality. To make it worthy of your dollars, every piece goes through a series of testing to polish every detail such as its features and functionalities.

Moreover, Rolex has a strict quality control procedure to check on the aesthetic appeal of their watches. Each stone and gems used to decorate their timepieces has to be placed in the exact position as designed, and no more than a dot.

Rolex is always held high value

Over the years, Rolex has maintained its value in the market. That is why many watch enthusiasts still consider it a great investment. If you have a Rolex watch that was manufactured more than a decade ago, there’s a high chance that you can sell it for almost double its price. And because of this excellent manufacturing, you can be sure that the watch will function the same for as long it is properly maintained.


Is Rolex always pricey?

With all the good characteristics Rolex carries, you may think that Rolex will always cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, it is not always the case. Rolex also releases watches that cost as low as $2000 for the Oyster Perpetual, Lady Datejust, and Air King collections. 

Though cheaper compared to other models, they still have the same standard as other Rolex collections. It goes through the same process of meticulous designing and engineering, using prime materials, and a series of testing. If you know how to search for various models, you can surely find a Rolex watch that will fit your budget.


Where to buy Rolex watches?

There are 3 different ways for you to buy a Rolex watch. You may choose depending on your preference and the availability of stores within your area. Let’s take a look at each of them:

  • Inhouse Boutique – If you happen to live nearby a Rolex store, then you’re lucky. You can always drop by and see the latest collections of watches. It’s also a good idea to buy in Rolex stores because you can guarantee its authenticity. Additionally, it’s easier to return them for maintenance or repairs when needed. You can also find the latest released in a collection on an inhouse boutique, which may give you a chance to get a limited edition model.
  • Accredited jewelry store – Another option to buy a Rolex watch is through accredited jewelry and accessories stores. These are like a supermarket but exclusively selling jewelry items such as watches. You may also find great value in buying through jewelry stores because they usually hold different sale items. The downside of buying on these stores is that there are only limited models available because their inventory will depend on their orders from the manufacturer.
  • Authorized online dealers – The e-commerce industry thrived during the pandemic season. Because of this, many people prefer to to buy online for most of their needs. You can also buy a Rolex watch on these avenues. For as long as you do ample research and checking the item, buying a luxury watch will be very convenient. You can also discover a lot of deals and discount for online stores. Furthermore, it’s easy to compare different models because you can view each specific details all at the same time.


Key takeaway

Luxury watches are always expensive, that’s why it’s called as such in the first time. The key is to find the right brand and model that will make every penny worth it. At the end of the day, a luxury watch is an investment that you can pass on to many generations.

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