Costs of having a wedding in 2022

In the wedding season of 2022, many couples are getting married. And this year is expected to see 2.5 million weddings, according to some sources. The costs of weddings have grown this year due to the numerous weddings, labor shortages, and existing supply chain challenges.

While every individual knows weddings are costly, how much does one truly cost? Establishing a budget from the outset of the planning process is crucial if you’re recently engaged. When creating your budget, you can use the typical wedding cost as a point of comparison.

But before you get lost in the statistics, remember that you can have a lovely wedding at practically any price range. It doesn’t necessarily follow that your special day won’t be as enchanted and romantic just because the typical cost of a wedding is out of your price range.

Furthermore, many questions arise for couples planning their wedding, such as inviting guests to the ceremony or selecting the ideal wedding photographer. In contrast, choosing the right illinois honeymoon resorts and wedding venue like The Inn at New Hyde Park is also crucial. And now, let’s look at the actual cost of weddings in 2022.

Expenditure distribution for weddings

  • Wedding license.

The legal aspect of your wedding is typically the least expensive. State-specific licensing fees for marriages range from $30 to $100.

  • Wedding venue.

The cost of wedding venues might vary considerably. Many couples have their ceremony and reception in a barn or a lawn. Family backyards are free, but a rustic barn could easily cost $20,000 instead.

  • Food.

Couples can anticipate spending between $40 and $70 per person on a sit-down supper. Due to Covid, buffets and simple menus with tacos or barbeque are much less expensive and less popular. Those buffets typically run around $27 per person.

  • Wedding attire.

A bride’s outfit will typically cost $1,600. The cost of the typical bridal dress does not include a veil, cozy heels, or other accessories. A groom’s beautiful formal attire typically costs between $200 and $300. For expert hair and cosmetics, brides should budget about $300.

  • Photographer/videographer for weddings.

It will cost between $300 and $4,500 on average. You can hire less skilled photographers for a few hundred dollars or pay thousands of dollars to work with the best.

Videography will cost around $1,000 to $2,500 on an average, although hiring a wedding videographer can be expensive.

  • Wedding planner.

Cost on average: $1,500 to $4,000

Wedding planners often charge a percentage of the venue and vendor costs, usually about 20 percent. Sometimes, couples decide to forego hiring a wedding planner altogether and instead hire a coordinator for the big day. Therefore, time is money. It will take you quite a few (hundred) hours of your own time to arrange your wedding if you decide not to hire a planner.

Plan a budget for after-wedding costs.

Couples pay a lot for weddings, but in 2022, couples are also considering their post-wedding lives and planning their budgets accordingly.

  • 73 percent of couples reported that they were budgeting not only for the wedding but also for the honeymoon.
  • Whether it was purchasing a new home, remodeling their current residence, or moving into a more significant rental, 73 percent of respondents indicated they were budgeting for a house or apartment.

Starting a family (23% of couples are setting aside money to cover costs associated with starting a family, including fertility treatments). Paying off debt (47% of couples are budgeting for student loans, while 25% are working to pay down other debt), getting a car (39%), and paying for medical expenses (10%) are other top financial priorities for couples in 2022, according to research.

Few ways to keep wedding costs down

You have thus begun the wedding planning process. Even though you may have a hundred ideas for the cuisine, decorations, and outfit you desire, it’s crucial to establish your budget right away. Here are a few suggestions to assist you in making savings without sacrificing quality if you want to have a spectacular wedding but are on a tight budget. Keep reading for additional expert-recommended strategies to reduce costs on your wedding day!

Tip #1: Pick your card stock carefully.

Use two-ply for your invites. And only one-ply for the other insert cards if you prefer the look and feel of thicker paper stock.

Tip #2: Rent an outfit or get it sewn.

Selecting a pattern and having the clothing locally tailored is another cost-effective trend. While renting an outfit is also a cost-saving option.

Tip #3: Eliminate the guest list.

Cutting the number of guests you have is the most important thing you can do if you’re serious about conserving money, even though it’s not the most entertaining political move.

Tip #4: Choose the appropriate venue.

To save money, pick a location outside the city rather than a luxurious hotel inside. You can also save a lot of money by choosing a weekday for your wedding rather than a weekend. At the same time, try to limit the number of international dishes because they raise the price per plate.


In conclusion, when planning your own, it makes sense to inquire about other couples’ wedding costs. There is no ideal price for a wedding. Always set a budget you are satisfied with, and use that money to create the wedding of your dreams. Don’t let it stress you out, but the average wedding cost is a valuable indicator to aid you with your budgeting. Set practical expectations for what you can spend and consider cost-saving wedding planning advice.

According to sources, the experts said individuals organizing weddings may have relief in 2024 since wedding costs are expected to increase in 2022. Moreover, if something doesn’t feel personal to you, don’t invest in it and if so, invest money in it. In contrast, the most common thing everyone considers is the total cost of the venue. It is crucial to select a wedding location that is properly-suited to your occasion. So, it is advisable to choose wisely.