Is the Cover Letter Still Necessary in 2018?

Some people believe that a cover letter is no longer vital since they already sent their comprehensive resume.

Others think that Job applications should always come with a cover letter no matter if it is being sent the traditional way using snail mail, or by email.


Is the Cover Letter Still Necessary in 2018?  The short answer is that…YES!

Definitely cover letters are still needed in today’s job market. It is a tool or an opportunity you should use for a proper intro about yourself; to get that potential employer excited about reading your resume.

A cover letter is a short letter which should not even exceed a page. It is considered the first part of the application of a person, and this is the first thing that most human resources managers see and base their next step on.

A person looking for a job can now take advantage of applying for specific jobs simultaneously through the Internet. The use of online submissions of application letters has made applying for a job as easy as 123. However, some job applicants have committed and are still committing a mortal sin in job applications.

Writing an excellent cover letter or introduction is an essential part of every job application; human resources managers and even their staff do not have all the time in the world to read very long resumes. Thus a person who wants to get an interview with a company should write a very brief, concise and engaging cover letter that would get him an interview.


Many of human resources staff just take a look at the cover letter and see if the applicant has all the requirements for the job. That is why an application without a cover letter would not help at all, and in most cases, it would just be thrown or misplaced.

Job applicants should learn how to write a unique cover letter because it is the only way they will be able to catch the attention of the hiring officer no matter if they have an outstanding resume.

Once the applicant has been chosen and scheduled for an interview, then this will be the time when his comprehensive resume will be of use. It is a given that most if not all people called for an interview already meets the basic or the minimum requirements of the company. However, their resumes will show who among them has the edge over the others.

A cover letter gets a person through the door of the company while the comprehensive resume makes sure to give him the age. Writing a winning cover letter could not be achieved in one sitting except of course if the applicant is a very talented and convincing salesman or writer. Like most things, a person has to practice writing his cover letter until he gets it right. It may be an active pursuit, but if the aim is to be called for an interview, then a person has no choice but to do it.


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