Regardless of what sort of St Thomas or St John fun family activities or cruise ship shore excursions you choose when visiting of the US Virgin Islands, its always a fabulous idea to get out on the open sea. There simply is no replacement for being on the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea… nothing compares.

And while you and your group are experiencing the aquatic pleasures of sailing, boating or yachting the Virgin Islands you owe it to yourself (and them) to dive into – both literally and figuratively – the underwater wonderland. The area reefs and coral beds surrounding St Thomas and St John are hard to beat. These are some of the most prolific coral reefs found anywhere in the world.

Keep in mind, while the double hurricanes of 2017 smacked this region quite harshly, those twin weather disturbances acted as somewhat of a purging-agent for the area. Most especially the sea.

The waters are so crystal-clear and so transparent that if you are on your World-Class Virgin Islands Day Sail Boat in 30 feet of water and spotted a quarter on the bottom, you could tell if it was heads-up or tails-up.

Depending on where your charter boat captain takes you, you will see all kinds, styles and color of underwater sea life. Most tours include sea turtles, sea rays, dolphins, eels and of course every imaginable fish – just like you see in those fancy aquariums at the pet store back home. Th sea turtles are always quite a treat and very prolific in some areas. They seem to be quite curious with humans and don’t seem to mind at all when you follow them, swim next to them, etc. Please don’t touch any of the sea creatures however as this is considered not acceptable. Yet boy it is a lot of fun to watch these fascinating creatures. Even if you don’t get out of the boat and into the cool waters, you will often spot these critters coming up for air from time to time, so be sure to keep a keen eye on the surface while out there on the waters.

No matter if you are visiting the Virgin Islands for a single wonderful day by way of a cruise ship or going down to these paradise islands and staying at a vacation villa or one of the recently renovated resorts ort hotels, there is always time for the ultimate USVI experience: day sailing, snorkeling and swimming the Caribbean Sea!

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