Cryptocurrency market forecast for 2022

Last year 2021 was a very eventful year for the crypto sphere. There were both positive events, like huge growth of NFT and GameFi market, and negative ones – big hacks, regulators’ pressure on market leaders. What is in store for us in the coming year? Let’s look at experts’ forecasts for cryptocurrencies in 2022, what awaits the market as a whole, and which altcoins are worth highlighting.

Forecasts by renowned cryptocurrency experts for 2022

Most financial experts agree that the cryptocurrency market is expected to grow steadily in the long term. Corrections can be expected, but most likely they will not be too long and deep. Important to note! In the last two years, crypto market started to “follow” the stock market, so any major movement here, or trend change in the global economy – may have an impact on cryptocurrencies as well. However, experts’ predictions differ, so we’ll look at different opinions.

Positive predictions from experts

JP Morgan analysts predict the gradual growth of bitcoin up to $ 100-150 thousand in 2022, after the main cryptocurrency, altcoins will follow. The CEO of Fast Future Financial Company, Rohit Talwar, believes that next year the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies from the current $2.5-3 trillion will grow to $7-8 trillion. Brock Pierce, head of the Bitcoin Foundation, predicts the introduction of meta-currencies into the daily lives of most people on the planet in the next year. And the best technology for this purpose is blockchain. The entire crypto market should grow because of it. Fidelity Investments global investment platform director Jurien Timmer sees bitcoin’s growth in 2022 as inevitable. The promising altcoins will follow digital gold. Cryptoanalyst Matthew Hyland predicts a bitcoin rate of $250,000 for the middle of 2022. As an argument, the expert cites a dump of 2017, when the main cryptocurrency rose by 200% after a corresponding fall. Mike McGlone, a leading analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, believes the cryptocurrency market will overtake stocks in popularity and market capitalization next year.

Negative or neutral forecasts

The founder of Jonsons Light Node Media says that the crypto sphere is still quite vulnerable to hackers, and 90% of coins have very weak collateral. That’s why he advises investing no more than 5-10% of your investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies. Financial advisor Sarah Gutierrez believes that blockchain technology is too young to make long-term predictions. For now, it’s better to monitor developments while sticking to a conservative investment system. Qredo cybersecurity director Ben Whitby predicts a future record breaking amount of hacking in decentralized blockchain finances. He says the DeFi field is not yet ready for the current challenges, and investors could suffer billions in losses. Enjin ecosystem co-founder and CTO Witek Radomski believes blockchain adoption could be much slower than most predictions because of resistance from governments and financial regulators. The NFT sphere could suffer because of the mass purchase of tokens by bots – according to Chainanalysis economist Ethan McCohan. This will also put overall pressure on the crypto market.

Price forecast. What will take off in 2022

The general trends for the next year are generally clear – the play-2-earn games industry continues to gain popularity, in particular meta-universes, NFT marketplaces and aggregators stubbornly hold market share, decentralized DeFi finance and startup release platforms, lunchpads are only gaining in popularity. But what can we expect from the market leaders next year? Conclusion – although the cryptocurrency market is developing dynamically, it is still very young by the standards of financial markets. Therefore, it is necessary to invest with risk management and carefully analyze the projects. It is also very important to follow the rapidly changing trends in the crypto sphere in order not to find yourself in an already burst bubble.


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