With technological development making its way into all aspects of our lives, it is now difficult to imagine a world without its boons. Images and videos – the two most important features of this invention, have taken over from the boring documents and complex planning to create an atmosphere where proposals are made interesting and understanding is done comprehensively.

From digestive systems to contract presentations, from movies to music videos and from wedding shots to the first steps of your baby, videos have made it simple for you to commit to your memory, knowledge, and memories alike. But just like a coin has two faces, this fascinating tool also has a dark side – corrupt and dead video files, which are sure to dampen all your aspirations.

In the amount of time, you will figure out the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get your video back in working conditions, be assured that you can do it yourself by just following these super easy steps.


How to fix corrupted video files mp4

Step 1: The right software

If you are dealing with dead video files, you will need mp4 repair software to bring it back to life. Competition is everywhere, and as a smart user, you should not be deluded by the numerous video repair tools online that claim to make video reviving the click of a finger. Choose a video repair software that is safe and will not corrupt your content or file. Wondershare digital Video repair Tool is at your service with the best of features. Here’s a detailed guide into it.  

Step 2: Repair it

After you have downloaded this free mp4 video repair tool and launched it, all you have to do is to add your damaged video files to the screen which asks for it. When your video has been added and is ready for treatment, click on the ‘Repair’ option to start the process.

Step 3: Wait

The repair will be done in some time depending upon the amount of defilement in your file. After the digital repair software has fixed your video, click on the ‘Preview’ option to view the quality of the damaged mp4 video. When you are satisfied with it, click ‘Save’ and store it on your device.

Step 4: Advanced Video Repair Tools

If you are not happy even after the professional mp4 repair service given to your file by the software, you can move on to the ‘Advanced Video Repair’ mode where you feed it a video from your device as a sample of what you are trying to get your damaged file to. It performs a deeper and more complex repair procedure which will definitely restore the former glory of your file. After it is processed, just save it to your device. 

This professional and one of the best mp4 repair tools are designed to fix header, frame, audio, movement, frame, and time damages. They support various video formats, can be used for files stored on hard disks and memory cards and are compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. These tools of digital video repair mac are your saviours in disguise.

If you think installing software on your device is a time and space consuming hassle, you can also try to repair mp4 video files freeware therapy through the VLC media player. It is in-built in a lot of systems and is capable of providing video repair tools as well.

Step 1: Launch the VLC media player

When you run your damaged video file here, it may automatically solve your problem or you can go through its video repair mechanism. Add the broken video to the player and try running it.

Step 2: Convert it to AVI format

When your file is on the screen, right-click it and use the ‘Rename’ option. Convert your file from MP4 to AVI format on the player using the ‘Convert and Save’ option on the VLC Media Players tab.

Step 3: Choose a codec

Now that your file is converted to AVI, you need to choose a Codec and set a location for the video file. If you do not see this option, go to the ‘Tools’ tab, and select ‘Preferences’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Find the damaged file

A new window opens for ‘Preferences’. In this window, find the ‘damaged or incomplete AVI file’ option and change it to ‘Always Fix’.  After doing this, when you play the file, your video will get recovered.

Following these simple steps will make you a pro in repairing mp4 files with VLC Media Player. It’s safe and clutter-free. 

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

It might be a left hand’s trick to solve this technical glitch but if you are slightly cautious in working your way around it, you will definitely save a lot of time and energy. Do not download videos from unreliable sources and avoid excess playback of the file. While running it, ensure a proper sound network and apt power supply. Keep your kernel video repair software and antivirus updated to protect your computer from viruses and malware, and avoid complex manipulation of clips. 

However, if you are still looking for better fixes, check out this MP4 video repair tool. Remember, technology and damage have to go hand-in-hand. There is no way you can rid yourself of the latter or live without the former. Although it is common for video files to get corrupted and damaged easily, there are a number of ways using which you can prevent it from ruining your day. Follow this guide and watch yourself become a techie!